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Sex toys
Master series collar and quad clamp
Master Series Collar and Quad Clamp
Master Series Collar and Quad Clamp
  • Master Series Collar and Quad Clamp
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Master Series Collar and Quad Clamp


Connect your most sensitive erogenous zones with the stunning Collar and Quad Clamp. Adorn the seductive chain collar as you tease your nipples, clit, labia, testicles, and any other sensitive spots with the vinyl-coated clamps.

Feel free to get creative — with a bit of imagination, the stimulating scenarios are limitless.

Collar Length: 11"

Nipple Chain Length: 12"

Labia Chain Length: 25"

    The lowdown.

    Experience nipple and labia stimulation while being attached at the neck with this stunning collar and clamp set.



    This is a great option for use during sex.


    Expertly designed for your pleasure.


    Become one with this sex toy. Or just wear it, wtvr.