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She ology 3 piece advanced vaginal dilator set

She-Ology 3-Piece Advanced Vaginal Dilator Set


Level up on your dilation journey with the She-Ology Advanced Vaginal Dilator Set. This 3 piece set is exactly what you need if you're looking for an advanced way to overcome sexual discomfort, revive or restore vaginal strength or simply working your way to bigger things.

With 3 gradually sized dilators, this pretty little set will help you with all your advanced dilation needs. It's silky smooth silicone and ergonomic curve make them comfortable for daily wear and easy use. Each dilator can also accommodate a little vibe if you're looking for stimulation to go along with your dilation.

Not sure how to use them? Dr. Sherry Ross is there to help with her dilator guide which is included in this great set.

Dilator 1: 3.13" x 1.28"

Dilator 2: 3.38" x 1.75"

Dilator 3: 3.72" x 1.93"

The lowdown.

It's silky smooth silicone and ergonomic shape make this 3 piece vaginal dilator set exactly what you need to train.

Easy to clean

A breeze to clean after use for storage.


This product is designed to be safe for those with allergies.

Sexual Health

Your body is a temple, bb. Take care of yourself.


Made from the good stuff. Non-porous, body-safe, and silky smooth.


This toy is fully submersible in water. Your tub is calling.


Become one with this sex toy. Or just wear it, wtvr.