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Wanderful wabbit rabbit vibe x wand
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Wanderful Wabbit Rabbit Vibe x Wand

Sometimes it's hard to choose between toys. One moment you're craving light clitoral stimulation, the next you're begging for deep orgasmic vibrating penetration. You won't need to choose one over the other with your Wanderful Wabbit.

This extraordinary toy offers you two wildly different experiences. On one side you have an ultra soft and squishy wavy bulb ready to please you with 10 mind-blowing wand sensations. On the other end you have the 7 speed rabbit vibe. The perfectly placed pleasure nubs at the top of the gently arched shaft will tease and please your inner erogenous zones, while the hard-working bunny ears will continue to provide you with mind blowing clitoral stimulation. The only choice you'll need to make with this wonderful wand is which motor and which function is your favourite.

The Wanderful Wabbit is fully submersible so you can use it wherever you'd like and is easy to clean. Just use your favourite toy cleaner and warm water.

Wand Vibration Modes: 10

Rabbit Ear Speeds: 7

Shaft Vibration Modes: 7

Length: 10.4"

Width: 2.07"



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