Bellesa was built on community. Literally. It is at the heart of every thing we do. We recognize the value of representation among our Ambassadors- those who have both robust and intimate followings.We're looking for influential, inspiring, unapologetic women. Bbs who embody our mission to embrace, explore and celebrate our sexuality.Apply Now!
Benefits of being an ambassador
Free products: We'll send you a bunch of Bellesa sex toys.
Discounts: You’ll get exclusive discounts to Bellesa Boutique. (Plus an exclusive discount for your friends and followers).
Product tester: You may be invited to try our newest Bellesa items as they launch.
Bellesa goodies: You’ll receive special gifts just for being an Ambassador, like our “Braless & Flawless” sweatshirt, our “No Fake Orgasms” t-shirt, or our Bellesa sticker pack.
The official Bellesa BB Ambassador title! 💅🏻
Think this might be for you? You could be our next ambassador if...
  • You adore Bellesa and are excited to spread the word about what we do
  • You have a strong voice and aren't afraid to use it
  • Empowering women on their pleasure journey is meaningful to you
Interested?Apply now to become an official Bellesa BB Ambassador!