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Wearable Sex Toys

Can you keep a secret? Prove it – by playing around with incognito mode wearable sex toys. These vibrators are perfect for partner play around the house or in public, and will keep you on your toes as you go about your day. Add extra erotic sensations to your playtime and strengthen your connection as a couple thanks to the intimacy these toys provide. With Bellesa's award-winning selection of 30+ wearable sex toys for couples, discover the perfect helping hand for your relationship.

You want Wearable Sex Toys? We got ‘em.

What are wearable adult toys?

They say wear your heart on your sleeve. We say wear your sex toy wherever you please. Wearable sex toys refer to adult pleasure toys designed to be insertedor held in place against your body, without the support of your hands or those of a partner. These types of toys are great for couples searching to stimulate all of the senses – by letting a toy focus on one erogenous zone, while you occupy yourself with another!

Another great benefit of wearable sex toys is there's no need to check your pleasure at the door. Leave your bedroom and have the pleasure follow you wherever you go. Whether it's a wearable bluetooth vibrator that your partner has the remote control to or a discreet butt plug, feel free to walk through the world feeling damn good. And if anyone asks you why you look so happy, well that's a secret you'll never tell.

What are the best wearable sex toys to buy?

The best wearable sex toys are the ones you'll buy to make those lifelong fantasies come to life. Once you've decided whether you're looking for a toy that is best suited for long-distance solo play, or if an app-controlled public sex toy is more up your alley, it's time to get shopping. Discover our must-haves, including some of the best sex toys according to thousands of our satisfied customers.

  • One of our best sellers, the Finger Pro by Bellesa transforms the tip of your finger into the most pleasurable simulation of oral sex. Great to add to the mix if your partner is occupied with pleasuring you somewhere else.
  • Are you a couple looking for their first hands-free vibrator? We have only heard rave reviews from The Satisfyer Partner Double Whale and We-Vibe Match Wearable, two powerhouse pleasure packers with ten vibration modes.
  • Date night? Don't forget to wear your vibrating Hidden Pleasure Vibe Panties or Remote Control Boxer Brief for the perfect combo of dinner and a private show for two. Truly the ultimate sex toy to wear in public.
  • For when you want to be in charge of his pleasure, The-Vibe Anal Stimulator is a one-of-a-kind dual cock ring and prostate massager, complete with remote control.

What are the different types of wearable sex toys?

Although some may say that most sex toys are wearable so long as you don't walk too far and have something there to hold them in place, these toys were specifically designed to be held in place by your body. We're all for adventure, but there are just some things we wouldn't risk – so if you're planning on taking your fun out on the town, make sure your sex toy is from one of the following categories.

  • Vibrating underwear: far from your everyday panties or boxers, these come with pockets that fit bullet vibrators.
  • Remote-controlled dual stimulation vibrators: concentrating on your clit and g-spot, but also felt by your partner during penetrative sex, these dual stimulation toys are THE perfect couple vibrator.
  • Finger vibrators: so imagine recreating oral sex with your fingers – that's the goal of these nimble
  • Butt plugs: with a flared base, these anal sex toys are sure to stay snug wherever you go.
  • Harnesses: more of an accessory, harnesses allow you to wear your favorite dildo. That's hot.

How to use a wearable vibrator?

Wearable vibrators are super easy to use, with two short shafts that connect to create a U-shaped toy. One slimmer side is designed to easily be inserted for perfect g-spot reach. Thanks to the flexible body-safe silicone material of these types of toys, once being worn, the wider opposite end lays perfectly on the outside of the vulva, for direct clitoral stimulation. If your wearable vibrator isn't app or remote controlled, you can often find one easy-to-access button to change up the intensity and vibration patterns.

The use of wearable vibrators is a great way to achieve hands-free orgasm. In fact, if you're looking to reach the Big O without a set of hands or anyone's bits involved, you're probably going to need a hands-free sex toy. So sit back, kick back, put your arms behind your head, and feel the pleasure flow through you –  no hands required. You deserve to give yourself a break without compromising on extra stimulation, and these wearable toys are the perfect solution.