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9 naughty Valentine’s Day games that’ll stir you up

By Maya Khamala

If you’re looking to shake things up sexually with your partner, your lover, or your new fling, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse. Enter sex games. In a perfect world, sex should be all about play. Games are fun, creative, naughty, and they usually trigger a lot of talking, laughing, and relaxing into one another’s company until the heat has risen too high and it’s time to take one another to bed (or the floor, or table, or whatever surface most calls to you). Turns out that communication, relaxation and humor are a potent foreplay combo. Who knew? Not to mention, games make an ideal Valentine’s Day activity for the ready and willing. 

While there are countless physical boardgames you can buy online or in stores, there are also a lot of games you can play that don’t require much more than your unbridled enthusiasm. If you’re looking to add some fresh new spice to your V-Day this year, consider integrating any of the following sex games into your plans.

1. Racy scavenger hunt

Set a five-minute timer while you both run around the house or apartment looking for random everyday objects that have the potential to “spice things up.” Possibilities include: a wooden spoon for spanking and teasing; a scarf for blindfolding or tying one’s hands; strawberries for feeding each other; a hand-mirror for showing one's lover what they look like…to you. Whoever’s imagination gets the best of them will find the most items and is the winner. The winner gets to receive pleasure first. But really, there are zero losers here. 

2. Sexy hide and seek

If your hot date (SO or otherwise) has to work late on V-Day, you might surprise them with a friendly game of hide and seek the second they open the door. Before they get there, get undressed, and drape or drop your clothing around the house in suggestive ways. Maybe your shirt is by the front door, your jeans are on the coffee table, your bra is on the steps, and your undies are hanging from a door handle. The idea is to leave a trail to you, wherever it is you’ve chosen to hide—whether totally nude, or in a skimpy little thing you chose to wear for the occasion.

3. Spin the bottle of love

If you ever played spin the bottle as a teen, this one’s sure to excite. On a large piece of paper, draw a circle about twice the diameter of the bottle and divide it into six sections. In each section, add a sexual act that both you and your partner can perform on one another—be it erotic massage, oral sex, manual stimulation, or hell, a delicious strip tease and lap dance. Then, have at that bottle, ‘nam sayin’?

4. Roll the dice

We’ve all seen freaky dice sets, but have you ever actually owned one? Consider it. It’s quick, simple, and offers sensual commands with a quick toss of the dice on your pillow. Perfect for when you need a little inspiration or you need to follow a directive. One person rolls the ‘place’ dice (i.e. bedroom, kitchen) along with the ‘how’ dice (i.e., rough, gentle), while the other partner rolls the ‘posture’ dice to determine your positions. What happens next is up to you. Always be sure to get consent, of course! Rolling dice never overrides a human feeling.

5. Match my moves

This simple game is hot AF. Take turns doing certain “moves” to one other: for instance, you might kisses your lover’s collarbone 5 times. Once you’re finished, your partner has to do the same thing to you. Get creative, making the moves more complex (and naughtier) as you go. If anyone messes up a move, they have to start over. Eventually, you’re sure to abandon the “moves” in favor of a more organic flow.

6. Kinky cards

Grab a deck of playing cards and assign each suit a meaning. Spades might mean kissing, clubs could be massage, diamonds could be oral, and clubs could mean ‘use your hands!’ You can name them whatever you want. Then, take turns picking cards from the stack and, um, treating each other. The number on each cards represent how long you and your partner are supposed to do each action. Maybe you’ll start off with 10 kisses and be led gradually to oral, or penetrative sex. Or maybe it all happens backwards. Who can tell? The night is young.

7. Role-play

Role-play is so everything. If you and your partner like to get creative with dirty talk, role-play can be a fun way to add a new dimension. Pick two roles that you both think would be hot, whether it’s boss and secretary, teacher and student, plumber and housewife, hitchhiker and hitchhikee. Or, you might take a different approach and pretend to be meeting for the first time on a blind date. Have fun with it. You might be surprised how into your character you get.

8. Naughty ‘Never-Have-I-ever'

If you’ve never played before, the rules of ‘Never Have I Ever’ are simple: players take turns listing potential experiences they’ve never actually had (i.e., “Never have I ever had a threesome, or worn booty shorts in public, or competed in a twerking contest). If the other person has done the action in question, they perform a predetermined sex act (maybe for each thing they’ve done that you haven’t, they have to lick a different part of your body). Or—maybe it’s a stripping game, where they have to take a different piece of clothing off each time. You take turns, of course. If no one has done the action in question, you just keep going, all while tension mounts and you learn more about the experiences (and inexperiences) of the person before you. For an alternate version of this game, take turns listing off 3 ‘never-have-I-ever’ statements at once, one of which you’ve actually done. The other person needs to guess which one that is. If they get it right, you reward them handsomely.

9. Naked twister

Um, need I say more? If you don’t already have a game of Twister kicking around, correct that, stat. All you need is a regular game board and a willingness to get in crazy, contorted positions. While naked. Or wearing something sexy. And while giggling of course. You really don’t have to be flexible—it’s actually extra fun when you’re struggling to stay standing. As your bodies entwine with one another in bizarre and erotic ways, the sexual tension is sure to build. To up the ante, you might add kissing, tickling, or 20-second vibrator treatments to the mix.

Bottom line: Valentine’s Day, like all days, should be ripe for creative fun in the sack with the one you love. I wish you all of that and more. Happy V-Day, everyone! <3

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