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Rainbow Kiss

By Bellesa Team

The rainbow kiss is a partnered sex act wherein two people perform oral sex on each other while one has their period. This act can be modified according to personal preferences and the configuration of the bodies involved. 

Technique and Variations

Typically, one partner generously eats out their bleeding partner, ideally until orgasm is reached. When they come up, their mouth should be covered in their partner’s blood. Then, the pair can share a messy kiss that leaves both parties’ lips painted red.

For the fullest expression of the rainbow kiss, the menstruating person will return the oral favor prior to the kissing exchange by going down until their partner ejaculates in their mouth. With one mouth smeared with blood and the other full of ejaculate, the two people join together in a sticky kiss that allows their fluids to pass between both mouths and mix together.

This can be accomplished by each partner taking a turn going down on the other, or in a 69 style position where both partners can orally stimulate each other simultaneously. In one such position, it is then possible to reach orgasm at the same time, which for some is the ultimate goal with this act.

Some people claim that the rainbow kiss describes the moment that someone gets their period in the middle of their partner performing cunnilingus on them, but that doesn’t guarantee the necessary kiss after the fact. Therefore, the general consensus for it to be considered a true rainbow kiss is that it takes some pre-planning and communication to acquire consent and get the orgasmic timing right.

Naming and Origin

The act’s namesake comes from the way blood and semen are different colors and take on a new chromatic profile when mixed together via a kiss, i.e. creating a kind of “rainbow” in their mouths. Rainbow kissing could be considered a form of bodily fluid fetish; a fetish is a source of strong sexual desire and gratification linked to a particular object, body part, substance, sensation, or activity.

Fluid fetishes have been around for as long as humans have been producings fluids, but the earliest known use of the term was on Urban Dictionary in 2003. While arguably problematic and homophobic in its origin, the rainbow kiss moniker has since undergone periodic revivals in internet discussion hubs like tumblr and reddit, and most recently tiktok, taking on more sex-positive tones with every subsequent trending moment.

While the internet origins are fairly recent, the act itself can be linked to much more archaic practices. Menstruation has long been considered sacred by many ancient sects. The menstruating body was believed to be at a heightened state of magic, thereby imbuing the blood with vitalizing and healing powers, making it an important aspect of Tantric rituals.

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