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By Bellesa Team

The A-Spot, more formally known as the anterior fornix erogenous zone (AFE), is the colloquial name given to a sensitive area located deep in the vagina, on the inner wall beyond the urethral sponge (commonly known as the G-spot), between the cervix and the bladder. 

As some people have reported pleasurable experiences associated with stimulating this area, it is considered one of the deep vaginal erogenous zones associated with vaginal orgasms. While everyone’s body dimensions can differ and more research may be required, most people with vaginas seem to have this sensitized area present in their body.

The A-Spot as an Erogenous Zone

By focusing stimulation on this area, some people have experienced higher levels of arousal and self-lubrication, enhances pleasure potential across all sexual activities, and an increased chance of reaching orgasmic release.

The A-spot eluded medical awareness until 1997, when Malaysian physician Dr. Chua Chee Ann purportedly “discovered” the area as a result of his self-funded study. One of the main findings of the 1997 was that stimulating this area tended to play a major role in increased production of vaginal lubrication. However, 15% of subjects also noted the rapid manifestation of orgasm with direct stimulation on this spot, thereby suggesting a possible positive correlation between both pleasure and orgasm potential.

How to Find the A-Spot

The A-Spot is typically located about 5-6 inches deep along the anterior vaginal wall — the part of the vagina closest to the stomach — or near the back end of the vagina right next to or before the cervix. Therefore, reaching this spot requires deeper penetration. 

Based on his research, Dr. Chua’s recommendation is to insert one or two lubricated fingers deeply in to the vagina to the area just before the cervix, but it can also be accomplished with sex toys that have an insertable length of at least 5 inches, or the deep-reaching strokes of a partner’s penis. 

How to Stimulate the A-Spot

In order to locate and access the A-spot, the fingers, toy, or penis should be aimed toward the front wall of the vagina and inserted even deeper than one would go to reach the G-spot. For more ease and comfort when locating and stimulating the A-spot, especially when exploring with a partner, a popular position is for the receptive partner to be on all fours or lying on the stomach, while the insertive partner enters from behind.

Like any erogenous zone, the sensitivity of this area varies greatly from one body to another, as well as within the same body under different conditions. Dr. Chua’s research also suggests that best practice is to apply gentle, repetitive strokes to the area, keeping in mind again that it can be quite sensitive for many people, especially before adequate warm up. It is therefore recommended to stimulate gently and only increase in intensity and speed depending on the cues given from the receptive partner.

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