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Erotic Hypnosis

By Bellesa Team

Erotic hypnosis is a hypnosis practice designed to facilitate a sexual experience or to achieve a sexual goal. The purpose of erotic hypnosis is not therapeutic in nature, but rather as an erotic or kink activity. 

In some cases, the erotic hypnosis is incorporated into a BDSM scene or relationship. It is also a popular theme in fictional erotic stories.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of altered consciousness wherein the hypnosis subject is put into a kind of trance. In this trance-like state, people can experience increased or pinpointed focus, heightened suggestibility, and lowered inhibitions. While the subject may seem relaxed or even dazed, they are in an elevated state of attention and awareness. Although inhibitions are lowered, it does not mean that the hypnosis subject is at the mercy of their guide. The person being hypnotized is suggestible, but they cannot be forced to do anything against their will.

Typically, one person serves as a guide, using their voice, sometimes incorporating curated neurolinguistic patterns and techniques, to guide their subject into this state of calm, hyper-awareness and then suggest certain thoughts, behaviors, or images to reach the desired result. A hypnosis session can be performed in many and creative ways, including face-to-face in person, through a voice or video call, via pre-recorded audio or video, or through text messaging

How erotic hypnosis works

Erotic hypnosis takes the basic principles of hypnosis and harnesses them to achieve sexual goals and experiences. Through the power of hypnotic suggestion, the subject can be lulled into a state of heightened arousal. They can be guided into a relaxed state that allows them to bypass their anxieties and insecurities and therefore reach their natural arousal potential more readily.

The reasons an individual chooses to practice erotic hypnosis can vary. For some, it serves to increase one’s awareness of touch and sensation. This can help intensify pleasure and orgasm, or achieve it in less direct ways. Hands-free orgasms, i.e. orgasms reached without any direct stimulation to an erogenous zone, is a common goal of erotic hypnosis practitioners. 

It can also be used to enhance the connection between partners during partner sex activities, as a means of exploring something one might consider kinky or taboo, or to simply relax.

Erotic hypnosis and BDSM

As a kink or sexual fetish, erotic hypnosis, also known as “hypno kink”, is often incorporated into sexual fantasies and roleplay, kink scenes, or as part as an ongoing BDSM relationship.

Because BDSM is about the taking and giving up of control for erotic reasons, within the context of a pre-arrangement or relationship, erotic hypnosis can be another tool employed by BDSM practitioners to compliment or enhance their games of power and control.

As with any kink activity, all parameters of the hypnosis session or any scene incorporating hypnosis are negotiated between partners ahead of time.

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