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Love and lust with a Pisces

By Maya Khamala

The stars are waiting wellsprings of earthly wisdom for any and all who care to partake. And goddess knows that in the realm of love and lust, we could all use a little illumination now and then. While no path is concretely predestined, the natural nightlights suspended forever above our heads can help us to better understand the cosmic characteristics of both ourselves and those we love (or lust after). In other words, willing students of the stars are sure to benefit, should they pay attention.

Right now it’s Pisces season. Those water signs born under the sign of the fish, between February 19 and March 20, are privy to an ocean of emotion, and are natural mystics to boot. If you’re in a sexual and/or romantic relationship with one of these slippery fish, you might benefit from a chance to gain a deeper sense of where they’re coming from and where they’re going. Y’know, find out what floats their fins? 

Here, I offer you some of the most delightfully provocative traits associated with your Pisces lover:

Enchanting…though overly enigmatic at times

Pisces’ palpable sensuality and ridiculous charisma mean they tend to enchant potential partners easily, mystically, even. Seductive masters at heart, whimsical Pisceans know how to enrapture by spinning an irresistible web, and scattering a little stardust in your path. In other words, it ain’t hard to fall hopelessly in love with them. Thing is, Pisces can sometimes fall in love with the idea of love while losing sight of love itself. So however close you may feel to them, there’s often something they haven’t told you—something they may never, in fact, share. For instance, as lovers of fantasy, Pisceans may at times allow themselves to think of someone other than you while making love. You can never be sure what’s going on in their heart or head—and sometimes, it may be better that way (gulp). If and when a Pisces decides to let you in on their private world, they’ve surely fallen head over heels for you.  

If your heart or loins are entwined with that of a Pisces, being a grounded sort can make all the difference in the world. It’s wise, for instance, to exercise caution and learn not to take their declarations of love too seriously—until you know them better, that is. Even if they’re not sharing their fantasies with you just yet, communicating honestly about yours will serve draw you closer together and build a more trusting bond. Likely as a way of balancing out their own dreamy and enigmatic nature, Pisces tend to be attracted to people who possess certain qualities they don’t. Directness, for instance, organizational skills, and practicality. Due to their lack of clarity at times, they can find themselves taken advantage of. If you’re known for being reliable and rational, and like the idea of helping your Pisces manage their affairs and make daily plans—as well as future ones— you’ve chosen your partner well.

Intensely romantic…but indecisive

Intensely romantic and sentimental, it can be challenging for a Pisces to find a real life relationship—whether romantic, or strictly sexual—that fulfills their ideals. Although lovers of the Piscean variety are known for falling in love fast, they tend to fall out of love just as suddenly. While they love exploring unconventional relationships, and never shy away from profound emotions, Pisces are susceptible to indecisiveness. The fact that they fall in love easily and often makes them less loyal than most signs, but any cheating that occurs is typically emotional rather than physical. This is unsurprising, given that emotion is their currency.

You know you’re well suited to Pisces if pursuing a partner aggressively simply isn’t in your wheelhouse. While they don’t mean to play games, Pisces tend to vacillate between being enamored and running for the hills, particularly if a partner goes after them to keenly in the early stages. If you can savor the present moment with your Pisces, you’re more likely to get to a point where making memories with them is a real possibility. If you’ve got a spontaneous side, there is no need to play it down for your Pisces, because they love an unexpected adventure. As long as you can also bring a bit of straight-up romance to the table, you’re fishy fish will be more than happy to swim by your side.

Emotionally sensitive…but slow to open up

It’s not hard for a Pisces to get lost in their emotions during sex. These natural creatives happen to view making love as an art form. Being perhaps the most emotionally vulnerable sign also makes them the most intuitive. As a result, their feelings are easily hurt. This is why they typically view sex as an energetic exchange reserved for those who earn their trust. That being said, when it comes to minor slights, they’re typically very forgiving; although their emotions may be intense, they don’t tend to dwell in them for long. Interestingly, in spite of all the deep feelings flying around, Pisces usually take a little longer than average to open up in a truly intimate way.

Slowly but surely, the trick is to coax your Pisces with tenderness and care into a genuinely loving bond. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do all the work, but you will need to check the words you use and the jokes you make, just to be sure your sensitive ocean creature won’t be hurt by any implicit messaging you may have overlooked. Certain comments that you see nothing whatsoever contentious about may be understood altogether differently by a Pisces. The more gentle you are with their feelings, the more quickly they’ll open up to you—and shit will finally get real. In the best way possible. 

Deep, generous lovers…but skilled escape artists

Pisces are highly erotic and sensual beings, in case that wasn’t clear already. Although they love to both give and receive affection, they’re often very happy to put your needs first. Pisces are after the kind of sex that involves some profound soul-merging vibes, rather than just a merging of bodies. This dreamy water sign needs sex to feel meaningful and they’re in no rush to reach the finish line. In addition to being the most skilled fantasizers of the zodiac, Pisces are natural sexual submissives, and tend to adore role-play. Unsurprisingly, they’re really good at it too. Your typical Pisces is willing to play any role you desire. One of the reasons they’re so good at role-play is their powerful escapist urge. For some, the wild adventures they create in their minds are preferable to reality. Pisces are so sensitive that they become easily overwhelmed, sometimes leading them to shirk responsibility or commitment in favor of a delicious escape.

If you get off on playing the role of teacher—both sexually and romantically— you may have met your match in Pisces, who is always eager to learn something new (especially if they’re hot for you). Nurture the power of fantasy with your Pisces and you’ll have them entranced. Communicate openly and encourage the same in your Piscean partner, and they’re sure to feel comfortable sharing their truest opinions and deepest emotions. The foundation of any healthy relationship—or lovership.

Bottom line: it takes an openness to dreamworlds as well as two feet firmly planted on the ground to be able to keep up with this water sign, but if you’re up for the journey, sex and love with a Pisces could be the time of your life. Where there’s a real connection, you’re sure to uncover more profound links of body, heart, and mind with your perceptive Piscean partner.

As far as compatibility goes, no one does Pisces better than Cancer and Scorpio, with honorary mentions going to Capricorn and Taurus, but no matter what your sign, lusty love conquers all, so if it's worth it, you’ll be the first to know! <3

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