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Vagina Tattoo

By Bellesa Team

Vagina tattoo is a common misnomer to describe a tattoo anywhere in the external pelvic area. 

The boundaries of this area can vary from one tattoo artist to another, but can include the pubic bone, anywhere beneath or along pubic hairline, the labia and perineum, the groin, the upper inner thighs and hips, as well as the area of the lower abdomen.

Not all tattoo artists will offer vagina tattoos. Whether or not they do is dependent on their individual comfort levels.

Vagina vs Vulva

The term “vagina tattoo” is misleading due to the common misuse and misunderstanding of vagina

The vagina is an internal genital structure. It is the canal that runs from the vaginal opening the cervix. The external genital area — comprising the vaginal opening (aka the vestibule), labia minora, labia majora, and clitoris — is known as the vulva. 

Colloquially, vagina and vulva are often used as interchangeable terms. However they refer to two distinctly different anatomical areas. Given that tattoos are most typically an external treatment, vagina tattoos tend to be vulvar or pelvic tattoos.

Reasons for getting a vagina tattoo

The reasons someone would get a vagina tattoo are subjective and personal. For some, it is a purely decorative form of self-expression, no different from a tattoo on any other part of the body. Because it is an easily hidden and intimate area, there is the added thrill of keeping it secret, not fearing discrimination from others or a workplace that doesn’t allow visible tattoos, or being able to share it with someone in an intimate scenario. 

Others may use vagino tattoos as a creative means of concealing a bodily imperfection such as scarring, stretch marks, or skin discoloration. By turning a point of personal insecurity into a piece of art, they may find a sense of empowerment and pride in their body that was more difficult to achieve prior to the artistic enhancement.


As with any tattoos, pain tolerance for a tattoo treatment in this area is highly subjective. While it can be a highly sensitive area, how much pain that could be experienced during a vagina tattoo procedure will depend on an individual’s sensitivity and pain threshold.

Time to Heal

The time it takes to heal from a vagina tattoo can vary from 2 weeks to 6 months. The range in healing time depends on the exact area the tattoo is applied. For example, it is in a location that is regularly irritated by body movement or clothing, it will take longer to heal and will be more prone to infection.

Exercise, masturbation, sex, and any other actiivty that directly stimulates the tattooed are should be avoided while the tattoo is healing.

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