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Food Play

By Bellesa Team

Food play, also known as sitophilia, is a common fetish or kink where sexual arousal or pleasure is derived from a situation involving food or beverage. Food play can be incorporated into sexual activity and enjoyed as a novel experience or it can be pursued as a part of satisfying one’s fetish.

Food Play as a Fetish

An individual who responds sexually to food play can be referred to as a sitophile. However, merely engaging in food play does not necessarily make one a sitophile. A fetish is a sexual fixation on a body part, bodily fluids, inanimate objects, or specific activities, often necessary for an individual to become sexually aroused or achieve a sesne of sexual gratification. 

The aspect of the food which incites arousal varies from one person to the next. A sitophile can be excited by any sense response, including the smell of the food, the sight of it arranged in a particular way, the sound of it being manipulated or consumed by themself or another, or the feel of it on their skin. They may find pleasure in the preparation of food, be it at their own hand or someone else’s. They may enjoy incorporating food during sexual play. 

Using Foods as Sexual Enhancements

A common expression of food play is eating food off a partner’s body. Sweet toppings like chocolate sauce, whipped cream, or honey are popular choices to enhance manual stimulation or oral sex. Pouring champagne on a partner’s body, melting popsicles for temperature play, freezing grapes to hold in one’s mouth while performing fellatio, wearing undergarments made of candy, and incorporating different fruits in creative ways are all commonly exercised food play tactics in the bedroom.

In some cases, phallic-shaped foods such as cucumbers or sausages can be used safely as dildos for vaginal or anal penetration. Alternatively, soft, malleable, and textured foodstuffs can be used to surround the penis for an enhanced masturbation experience or simulating penetrative sex.

Other examples of Food Play

Food play can cross over with other fetishes and erotic acitivites. Some examples of these include:

- Nyotaimori: when a sushi is arranged on the naked body of a woman for esthetic or erotic pleasure

- Cake sitting: a form of “wet and messy” fetish where pleasure is derived from someone sitting on and crushing a cake, either for their own pleasure or for the pleasure of an observer who enjoys the visual or auditory experience of the cake being crushed.

- Body Shots: consuming a shot of alcohol from a person’s body

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