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Best Bellesa Erotic Stories Based on Your Zodiac Sign

By Jayne Renault

Whether you’re a longtime erotica reader or just dipping your toes into the genre for the first time, it can be tricky to figure out how to pick your perfect story for right now. 

To make the task a little easier, we looked to the cosmos for guidance. 

Here we’ve paired up some of our hottest erotic stories with the astrological signs they most embody. These stories were selected with the broad scope of your sun signs in mind, but if you know your moon or ascendent sign, you could apply these suggestions to them too and see which is the best fit for you.

Pisces: Breathwork

Because Pisces comes in at the fishtail end of the zodiac, it’s got some of the deepest, widest vibes of all. Pisces is a dreamer, a poet, an intuitive creative in touch with the vastness of the universe. It’s not uncommon for Pisces to be a little psychic. With all that cosmic depth and high consciousness, it’s important to ground back down otherwise you might float away. 

In Breathwork by Bridget Bellecerise, they do just that. The narrator wakes up in a curious place. She knows it’s her partner’s room but there’s still something curious about it. That’s when she notices he’s already out of bed, meditating on the floor beside her. When she joins him, this highly intuitive and super dreamy partner guides her through an intimate practice with deep breathing and erotic touch. 

Aries: Floating

Bold, impulsive Aries. As the baby of the zodiac, they light the initiatory spark of the cycle and with that, bring a brilliant ambition (or arrogance, depending on who you ask) to everything they do. We are in it to win it, even if it’s not a competition. Though let’s be real: for a fired-up Aries, it’s kind of always a competition. The stakes are what turn us on most.

Which is why Floating by Kristine Lynn is the perfect story to stoke those Aries flames. It features a couple of hot lifeguards who have been shamelessly eye-fucking each other across the pool all summer. In the last scorching days of the season, it’s now or never for Ash to make her move. She challenges Hutch to a swim race after hours, winner takes the other. However they please.

Name a more quintessentially Aries move, I’ll wait. (Just kidding. An Aries waits for no one.)

Taurus: Coming Home

As a sign, Taurus is the embodiment of the  “work hard, play hard” adage. They are disciplined and devoted to whatever they value, both at work and at home. But especially at home. If lounging and luxuriating were Olympic sports, Taurus would take home the gold every time. There is a romanticism and a reverence in how they approach their creature comforts. Indulgence isn’t a little treat for now and then, it’s an integral part of existence. 

Coming Home by Eva Monroe showcases all these Taurean elements and then kinks it up a notch. This three-part series features lounging at home, a dominant partner enforcing the agreed-upon discipline dynamics in their household, adequate snack breaks (because every Taurus knows just how important snacks are), a luxurious shower, and a truly indulgent amount of devotion to pleasure.

Gemini: The First Meeting

Lively, inquisitive, and highly adaptable in social situations, Gemini is our curious and cunning social butterfly of the zodiac. This sign is ruled by Mercury, the god of communication, transportation, and technology. (That’s why during Mercury retrograde, these parts of our lives can go a bit wonky.) But most of all, Mercury is the minder of matters of the mind, which explains why Gemini tends to live more from the mind than their emotions.

In the First Meeting by Carson March, we have a bit of all of the above. Two strangers meet virtually and use technology to communicate. As they learn about each other, they get curious enough to want to meet. Plans change at the last minute and, well… what could be a more Gemini place to meet than on a moving train?

Cancer: Tantric Tendencies

Whoever first said “home is where the heart is” was probably a Cancer. Prioritizing matters of the home, creating a cozy space that is receptive and protective for themselves and anyone they trust enough to welcome in, and providing nurturance and love to those trusted loved ones are all hallmarks of this sign. Cancer is aptly symbolized by the crab, a creature who carries its hard protective shell house with it wherever it goes. So not only is home where the heart is, but it’s where a Cancer’s heart feels safest.

In Tantric Tendencies by Oya Calor, Marissa is at her most vulnerable. Hot off the heels of a breakup, she’s with a new partner, on her period, hasn’t done any of the things she’d normally do to prep and present herself to someone… But Diego doesn’t care. He’s there to be with her, exactly as she is. As a result, she’s able to be safe in her vulnerability as much as her pleasure.

Leo: Strangers

If there’s one thing Leo loves, it’s putting on a show. This fire sign loves to be seen – a well-dressed Leo is the only way they come – and staging an extravagant performance is a great way to make that happen. But Leo is so much more than a gorgeous showboat. They’re deeply loyal to the people they care about. It should come as no surprise that this sign rules over the heart. 

In Strangers by Ashlynn Rivers, we meet a gorgeous couple dressed to the nines for a first date. They find themselves at a hotel bar which becomes the stage of their steamy seduction, which admittedly does not last long before they’re heading upstairs to a room for a truly fiery hookup. No spoilers, but a hint: neither the Leo showmanship nor their loyalty is amiss in this tale.

Virgo: Fearless

Virgo is so much more than the perfectionist pop astrology makes them out to be. This pragmatic sign does have a keen eye for details and can hold themselves to high standards, yes. But there is an unmatched capacity for devotion in them too. Virgo seeks to serve in a way that helps others reach their fullest potential. They thrive in that service of others.

Fearless by Anne Stagg takes the pleasure one can experience in service to the next level. This four-part story of Maddie and Rylan (who I’d argue Aquarius and Capricorn respectively) showcases these Virgo qualities so beautifully. The attention they take to the details of their budding relationship, the devotion they express in their respect and care for one another, and the literal pleasure Rylan experiences as a service top to Maddie’s willing bottom? Come on. It’s perfect.

For a little extra, you can now listen to this story on the Bellesa Erotica Podcast. 

Libra: Body Paint

Libra is known for its penchant for harmony. As a Venus-ruled sign, Libra is truly a lover of all the beautiful things as well as all the ways they can come together. They often play the role of the diplomatic mediator to keep the peace between sides. But harmony comes in many shapes and forms, from a musical score to the colors on a palette. 

In Body Paint by Lauren Emily, a Friday night art class takes a turn when the stunning Bree shows up as their nude model. Balancing in her poses, she is a work of art inspiring more art. Maybe it’s Bree, maybe it’s because the night’s soundtrack or the collective mood is just right, but something is in the air… Whatever it is, Reilly and Winston stay behind to linger in it and, with Bree, strike up a beautiful, kaleidoscopic harmony together.

For a little extra, you can now listen to this story on the Bellesa Erotica Podcast

Scorpio: How the Phoenix Learned to Fly

The Sorcerer. The Hypnotist. The Alchemist. These are just a few archetypal names often associated with the mysterious and magical Scorpio. While not all Scorpios are dark and brooding goth types, it’s hard not to mix them up with these themes. This water sign’s energy deals with secrets and shadows. Going deep into the deepest darkest pools of the soul in spite of fear, and healing whatever unyielding things may lurk there.

In How the Phoenix Learned to Fly by Jayne Renault, Lady helps guide Ash away from angst and towards the healing darkness by way of a kink scene. It’s brusque and intense at times (CW for rope bondage, impact play, and consensual pain) but the thing about the darkness is that it gives you permission to surrender and transform. There is a supernatural element to this story – neither Lady nor Ash are human anymore – and it was written on Halloween so it really doesn’t get much more Scorp than that.

Sagittarius: Above the City Streets

Sagittarius is a seeker. Always on the search for the next adventure, the next new idea, the next mind-and-soul-expanding experience on the way to the ultimate truth. (They know better than to believe that there is such a thing as an ultimate truth, but that doesn’t stop them from seeking it out all the same.)

They may disappear at a moment’s notice – whether you want to admit it or not, aloofness is part of the charm – but while you’re together, the adventure will be one for the books. And they will give you every ounce of their attention while you’re together; no one can say Sagittarius isn’t generous when they want to be. So, with all that said, I can’t think of a more Sagittarius story than Above the City Streets by Louise Lagris.

Capricorn: Make It Right

Capricorn is all about systems and structure, exercising authority, using strategy instead of brute force to achieve one’s goals. Because what Capricorn really wants is security. They’re willing to be patient for the payoff they know they’ll get with the right amount of discipline and determination.

Make It Right by Rachel Woe is rife with Capricornian vibes. Kat is a disciplined, hard-working gal, running her business on her own terms. It doesn’t live up to her father’s standards, but spiting dad is not new to her. In secret, she carries on a relationship with an older man – who also happens to work closely with her father. Their connection has its own set of rules. And it allows them to play in a way that liberates them both because of the way they have structured it.

Aquarius: Glow in the Dark

Aquarius is the sign of big dreams and friendship. While this air sign is a quirky rebel who is unapologetically themselves, stands firm in their opinions, and can love their alone time, they never lose sight of the collective. Their capacity for imagining and facilitating change makes them well-suited for solving problems that face the group. They also tend to be rather tech-inclined and know how to make the internet work for them.

With all of that in mind, I offer You Are Now Connected by Lauren Emily, a story about three really good friends reuniting for another threesome. Rainbow – named for the quirky, often changing hair colors she rocks, her boyfriend Ian, and Tara, their mutual lover who once helped Rainbow make a dildo replica of Ian. While Ian is away, they make clever use of video calling to have a virtual threesome – with Tara wearing the Ian dildo in her strap-on harness for Rainbow while Ian watches from afar.

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