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Love and lust with an Aries

By Maya Khamala

We modern beings don’t look up enough. Instead, we stare, fixed straight ahead at our destinations, so often forgetting those tiny, illuminated pin pricks that light up the darkness overhead. The stars are a source of essential information available to us all—if we’re willing. It’s hardly news that in matters of lust and love, we could all use somewhat of a guiding light among the shadows. Willing students of the celestial sky are bound to learn a truth or ten about their lovers by delving deeper into the cosmic truth that surrounds us all. 

Take Aries, born under the steadfast fire sign of the ram, between March 21 and April 19. Aries’s symbol, appropriately, is a sheep with large curving horns—and they’re considered the warriors the zodiac. Daring and courageous in love, these lusty creatures are an endless fount of unbridled energy. If you’re in a sexual and/or romantic relationship with one, you might benefit from a chance to gain a deeper understanding of their personality. Y’know, find out what gets their fire roaring?

Here, I offer you a few of the spiciest, sauciest traits associated with your Aries love:

Fiery romantics…but very impulsive

Aries are passionate givers and receivers of love and lust. Erotically charged, aggressive, and direct with their desire, they tend show you outright when they want you—without delay. Fittingly, Aries have a reputation for being highly spontaneous when it comes to sex. After all, they’re the Sign most likely to have sex on a first date, with zero notice, or in the most random of settings. Sex on the Xerox machine, anyone? In other words, self-control isn’t Aries’ forte. The flip side of this is that impulsive Aries is also known to fall in and out of love fast.

If you’re bedding (and/or loving) an Aries, it’s worth understanding that they respond very positively to a partner that’s bold, direct, honest, and playfully romantic to boot. Ruled by Mars, Aries bring a youthful exuberance to everything around them. Love needs to be fun for them. They seek out partners with a great sense of humor who make love feel like playtime, but without sacrificing the romance factor. If it doesn’t feel right, Aries typically won’t hesitate to move on quickly.

They love a challenge…or a conquest

There’s an undeniable predatory side to Aries which makes them relish the chase. They love a sense of challenge, and more specifically, they love the act of pursuing whoever it is that has captured their interest—or their heart. In other words, they want someone they have to jump through rings of fire to get to. This is the stuff that gets their juices flowing and gives them their reputation as one of the hottest lovers in the zodiac. Natural warrior types, their goal is to conquer their lover with their notable powers of seduction, thereby winning her affections. If being a (consensual, always consensual) object of conquest turns you off, however, you may be ill-suited to your Aries lover.

Dating an Aries is not an excuse to play hard to get if this is something that doesn’t turn your crank as well as theirs. There’s nothing worse than wanting someone, but suppressing your own desire to feed theirs. By all means, play whatever games you're mutually aroused by, but don’t change yourself for an Aries—or any other sign! On the flip side, if playing prey does indeed make you wet, just try not to carry on forever, because your impulsive Aries may just lose interest and start chasing someone else. True story.

Dominant…but not big on foreplay

Fun fact: a slap in the face simply strengthens an Aries' resolve. I only mention this in the event that you and your Aries might plan a mutually consensual, kinky playdate. Aries always wants to be on top—in all the ways. As natural initiators, play fighting and games of dominance and submission are high on their list of fantasies and preferences. That being said, foreplay isn't typically their strongest suit. They prefer instant orgasms to lengthy sensual sessions. Aries’ overdeveloped sense of urgency translates to a desire to reach climax fast—without too much regard for the before and after. Given their unparalleled energy stores, however, most Aries want to get it on very frequently, which may or may not cancel out the briefness factor. 

If all of this doesn’t sound particularly romantic or sexy, know that your horny Aries will probably beg to differ. They see love as a series of quick bursts of passion, and sex is always on their mind. If you love playing the sub in the bedroom, and you adore a bit of roughness between the sheets, chances are you’re pretty well-matched. If you’re not into that sort of thing, your compatibility may only stretch so far. Although the ram’s natural aggression can be too much at times, it’s also the source of their unstoppable sex drive. Therein lies the paradox, friends.

They prefer to be coupled…but love playing the field

Aries often prefer companionship over being single. But they sometimes have a hard time staying faithful. This might have something to do with their electric libido and their insatiable appetite, ‘nam sayin?. If you’re dating an Aries casually, chances are they’re out there enthusiastically playing the field—bedpost notches and all. If, however, you’re in a committed relationship with your Aries, they’re far less likely to cheat. If they do, it’s a lot more likely to be a quickie than a full-blown affair. Comforting, right? 

If you’re sold on having a real relationship your Aries, be your kind, charming, adventurous, pleasure-seeking self. They won’t be able to resist. Aries wants a partner who puts bold, heartfelt effort into a relationship. If you have trouble showing intimacy, or advocating for yourself, this may not be the best match. Additionally, Aries tend be drawn to partners who are a little more balanced than they are, as a way of calming their fire just enough tofocus on one person.

Bottom line: it takes a lot to keep up with this hot-to-handle fire sign, but if you’re up for the spiciest of challenges, sex and love with an Aries could be the antidote to the humdrum you’ve been seeking all your livelong life.

As far as compatibility goes, no one does Aries better than Leo or Sagittarius, with honorary mentions going to Gemini and Aquarius. Additionally, Aries is highly sexually compatible with its opposing sign, Libra. But no matter what your sign, remember: if it’s worth it, lusty love conquers all! <3

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