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Love and lust with a Taurus

By Maya Khamala

Look up when it’s dark out some time, and you’re bound to get a bright reminder of the vital knowledge source that literally dwells above our heads, ripe and ready to rain wise counsel down upon our earthly lives should we choose to accept it. Let’s face it: in matters of love and lust, we could all use a little cosmic guidance now and again to help us navigate the labyrinth that is love… and lust. While it’s of course true that there are countless factors which contribute to our loverly destinies, ardent students of the stars are bound to benefit from a hot spring of profound and perceptive insight.

Let’s look at Taurus, shall we? Born under the sign of the bull, between roughly April 20 and May 20, these down to earth, sensual signs are also, well, bullish. If you’re in a sexual and/or romantic relationship with one of these earthy beasts, you’d probably benefit from a chance to gain a deeper understanding of them. Y’know, find out what gets their horns primed and ready to charge?

Here, I offer you a few of the most tantalizing traits associated with your Taurean lover:

Practical…but sensual

Tauruses are practical and reliable, determined to go the extra mile to bring forth security in life and in love. But given that bulls keep their noses more or less to the ground, they also happen to be extremely sensual—as in, focused on sense and sensation. With their natural affinity to the earth, they are the most physical of all signs, and therefore the most physical between the sheets. They want to make love tangible not only in their hearts, but within all five senses. They're particularly keen on exploring taste and smell. 

If you smell bad (interpret this as you will), the typical Taurus will not pursue you. You may (or may not) want to wear some sort of erotic scent to appeal to their sensual nature. Essential oils are a solid choice, plus, there's always your delicious natural pheromones. As for taste, Tauruses are often foodie-types and might be inclined to engage in a little food play, so don’t hesitate to introduce melted chocolate and whipped cream to the scene—if it turns you on too (just keep it away from your delicate areas, ‘nam sayin’?). Taurus also loves to explore touch, so exchanging massages, cuddles, and slow dancing are all A+. Got excessively dry skin? Put some moisturizer on to make the tactile experience that much more exciting.

Routine…but romantic

There’s a romantic streak in your Venus-ruled Taurus that wants to passionately sweep you off your feet—but in a way that’s tried, tested, and true. Think champagne, flowers, starlit picnics—maybe even the opera. While you’re probably not going on any sky gliding adventures with a Taurus, it’s worth noting that the Taurean love of routine means they're super drawn towards solid, stable, loyal relationships. Similarly, the sex doesn’t tend to be over-the-top creative. Once you and your Taurus find a rhythm or something that works really well, Taurus is usually more than happy to stick with it. That said, this is quality sex we're talking about—the committed kind, which is hot AF, am I right?

When treating your Taurus, taking them to a great restaurant or slow-cook a meal for them. Do it while wearing lingerie and the night may never end. Sexually, Tauruses tends to gravitate toward common go-to positions like doggy style, missionary, or cowgirl. This doesn’t, however, mean that they're against trying new and unfamiliar things. If you tend to find routine boring, and are always chasing a wild new adventure, you may not be super compatible. But if you take comfort in knowing what to expect (at least roughly), you just might be made for one another. 

Upscale…but down-to-earth

Taureans are ruled by Venus, which means they are naturally drawn to the beauty in life and seek to enjoy it in every way and at every opportunity. They love luxury, and can tell whether something's really worth the price too. But while Tauruses are able to enjoy the finer things in life, they also know how to put in the work that it takes to get there. It’s also worth noting that although Taurus is down with the lap of luxury (yacht trip, anyone?), they also love being one with nature…and they happen to love outdoor sex, of course. 

When wining and dining your Taurus, know that they value comfort, so be sure to choose a booth seat: something relatively private and warm where you can feel free to connect. And when getting it on in the great outdoors with your steadfast bull (or anywhere else, for that matter), remember that most Tauruses love to have their ears nuzzled, nibbled, sucked, or stroked. Taurus likes to take their time in all things: seduction, foreplay, and orgasm alike. If you’re well matched, you feel the same way too. What better way to initiate an explosion?

Passionate…but possessive

Taurus’s primal urges reach a fever pitch when they find a partner that speaks to them on both a physical and emotional level. When they do, they're known to become fairly sex obsessed. Although sex with a Taurus can be routine in some ways, it only gets better with time—like a fine wine, shall we say. When Taurean desire is truly awakened, it can become damn near insatiable. Does that excite you?

Taurus is attracted to magnetic, sexually empowered and powerful partners who exude potent erotic energy. If you’re someone who can be consumed by total passion and commitment, chances are you’re well-suited to your Taurus love. Have intense emotional and physical depth? No worries about being too much for your Taurus. They thrive on intensity in a partner. But if you’re the type that’s tempted to cheat, you might want to avoid Taurus altogether, because the bull wants to possess you fully. To be fair, if you’re possessive, they’ll find it arousing too—they want to own and be owned alike.

Bottom line: it takes committed intensity and intense commitment to be able to keep up with the bull, but if you’re up for the challenge, sex with a Taurus could be the most fun you've ever had. And where there’s a bonafide connection, you’re sure to unearth deeper links of body and mind with your Taurean partner.

As far as compatibility goes, no one does Taurus better than Pisces and Cancer, with honorary mentions going to Virgo and Capricorn, but no matter what your sign, lusty love conquers all, so if it's worth it, you’ll be the first to know! <3

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