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Love & Lust with a Gemini

By Maya Khamala

The stars are gleaming wellsprings for any and all who care to partake in their wanton wisdom. And goddess knows that in the realm of love and lust, we could all benefit from a bright guiding light every now and then. While no life path is carved in stone, the natural nightlights forever looming above our earthly existence can offer valuable insight into both ourselves and those we love or lust for—should we be open to it.

Right about now Gemini season is upon us. Those airy quick-wits born under the sign of the twins (between roughly May 21 to June 21) are lovers of spontaneity and communication. But they often have two sides—one public and one private, which makes them seem enigmatic at best, or hot-and-cold at worst. If you’re in a sexual and/or romantic relationship with one of these double-minded creatives, you’d certainly benefit from a chance to gain a deeper sense of where they’re coming from and where they’re going. Y’know, find out what unifies their thinking. 

Here, I offer you some of the most gorgeously beguiling traits associated with your Gemini lover:

Adventurous…with a li’l taste for drama

Those born under the sign of the twins tend to be outgoing, flexible, and ripe for adventure—in life, as in bed. When it comes to love, adventure is a requirement for Gemini. This airy animal lives for mind-based seduction with a giant helping of flirtation…and fluid communication too. Geminis view love as an exploration above all. They thrive on sex that’s enthusiastic, mischievous, and even unhinged, often treating it as their favorite recreational activity. Geminis love quality quickies, spontaneous sex in unexpected (public?) places, and experimenting with new positions and techniques.

If your love interest is a Gemini, it’s worth noting that they tend to be attracted to would-be partners who are adventurous, spontaneous, free-spirited, and have a wild or bizarre streak. Furthermore, twinsies partners are natural intellectuals in search of an opinionated partner who inspires debate and/or stirs up a little spice or drama to keep them working for it. If all this sounds like you, and you pride yourself on your ability to keep your lover on their toes to boot, Gemini may just be your ideal match.

Playful…and not all that serious 

As far as Gemini is concerned, sex is always meant to be fun. They don't need erotic escapades to get all that emotional; intimacy and attachment are not actually crucial components of romance for them. In fact, many Geminis kinda think that emotional connections are a tad overrated. Since they bore easily, they’re also more likely to have flings than get into serious relationships, let alone entertain monogamy at all, for that matter. Geminis can be happy in a longterm commitment, but only if their partner can keep up with them—sexually, and intellectually, for starters. While single Geminis love to play the field, they do value consistency in a relationship, and the right partnership is sure to temper that wandering eye.

If you’re a creative and playful soul who feels lightheartedness and sense of humor are crucial in a partner, you’re likely well-matched. Geminis crave sex that makes them laugh and ignites their experimental side. They’re highly creative, so it's no surprise that they love role play. They find light, playful touch arousing and tend to steer clear of pleasure in pain, so hardcore BDSMers need not apply. And, all-in-all, they want someone more interested in the seductive journey than the destination.

Quick-witted communicators…but overly intellectual

Geminis adore myriad forms of mental stimulation and tend to operate at a fast pace. Due to their high intelligence, they can get overly analytical. To their active minds, thinking about sex is sometimes better than actually doing it—they’re superbly tapped into fantasy. For wordy Geminis, the sensual often starts out intellectual, as they love to toy with potential partners using words. Their wild imaginations also make it likely that they enjoy watching porn on the regular. That said, they’ll certainly forsake the screen to spend time with a willing partner. 

If you’re dating a Gemini, you’ll need to keep your wits about you. Gemini is most stimulated and attracted by the intellect of potential partners. They love all forms of conversing, so if you’re not a fan of using your words, you may be ill-matched. To win your Gemini’s heart, you’ll wanna embrace your sense of flirty communication, opening yourself to all the possibilities of sexting, naughty letters, and dirty talk in the heat of the moment. In fact, communication-hungry Geminis are all about the mouth, so they love kissing, making out, and oral sex (giving and receiving). Really, Geminis love anything to do with the mouth and tongue…so use that information as you see fit.

Adaptable…but indecisive

Gemini is a mutable sign, which means they’re baseline flexible creatures. They tend to enjoy frequently changing sexual positions, changing surroundings, and changing partners too. That said, they’re just as willing to indulge your whims as they are their own. Geminis are easygoing and willing to go with the flow. They don't mind a little chaos. That being said, their simultaneously analytical and adaptable nature can make them anxious about making big decisions, especially significant ones like moving, switching careers—or committing to a partner (did I say that already?).

Since Geminis are very flexible and prone to changing their mind rather suddenly, partners who nurture a similar willingness to go with the flow are best-suited to these twin-hearted lovers. There’s no need to goad a Gemini into being bold, as they’re truly willing to try anything at least once. Don’t be afraid to propose an outlandish plan, be it sexual or otherwise, as they'll happily go along with it in most cases. Not to mention, cancelled plans won't ruin their day or their mood—only you know whether this factoid elicits a deep ‘yes' or a ‘hell no’ in your heart of hearts!

Bottom line: it takes an openness to spontaneous fun, constant communication, and changes of plan to be able to keep up with this lofty ’n lusty air sign, but if you’re up for the journey, love and sex with a Gemini could be the time of your life. Where there’s true connection, you’re sure to reveal more profound links of body, heart, and mind with your willing Gemini partner.

As far as compatibility goes, no one does Gemini better than Aries and Leo, with honorable mentions going to Libra and Aquarius, but no matter what your sign, lusty love conquers all, so if it's worth it, you’ll be the first to know! <3

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