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Yoni Massage

By Bellesa Team

A yoni massage (also known as yonic massage) is a specialized full-body massage practice that notably includes manual stimulation of the vulva and vagina. Many other erogenous zones such as the breasts and anus are incorporated into the massage session. It is connected to tantric sex practices and therefore can have spiritual undertones for certain practitioners. It can be spritual or therapeutic in nature and may be offered in regular massage clinics, in massage parlors that specialize in providing yoni massage, or through private service providers. 

The aim of a yoni massage is to encourage the receiver to develop a more intimate relationship with their body and the power of their sensuality. This is accomplished by a slow, gradual, and deliberate process of applying sensual stimulation to different parts of the body with the eventual focus on the vulvar and vaginal area. While orgasm can occur, it is not the primary objective of the experience.

Yoni Massage Technique

A yoni massage happens between the practitioner providing the massage (i.e. the giver) and the person receiving the massage (i.e. the Shakta). The Shakta is typically naked for ease of access to any erogenous zones that will be tended to during the massage, while the giver is typically fully clothed.

The specifics of a giver’s massage technique and order of touch will differ depending on their training and the preferences of both giver and receiver. Some form of massage oil is generally used for lubrication throughout the massage to reduce friction and increase the enjoyment of the receiver.

Typically, the massage will start with the receiver on their stomach so the giver can focus on the back of their body first. The dorsal side of one’s body is referred to as the Yang side, associated with masculine energy. By focusing on the rea of the body, the masculine energy is awakened. When they are ready, the giver asks the receiver to turn over, revealing the ventral side of their body, referred to as the Yin side, associated with feminine energy. Breast massage is often included and the giver will gradually make their way towards the vulva.

Gradual Arousal and Vaginal Stimulation

This slow process of arousing the body eases the receiver into the experience as safely as possible. By the time the giver reaches the receiver’s vulva, the vagina should be in a state of arousal including vaginal dilation and lubrication to facilitate the reception of manual stimulation around and inside. The giver will likely provide stimulation to the clitoris, labia, urethral sponge, and cervix.

Due to the deliberate stimulation of erogenous zones, orgasm is possible and can occur at any point throughout the yoni massage. Some people may experience several orgasmic releases throughout their sessions. However, the goal of a yoni massage is not necessarily to reach orgasm. Receivers have noted that the massage is often more emotional than sexual and even without orgasm, the receiver can have an enjoyable, embodied experience with both immediate and lasting positive effects.

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