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Water sports 101

By Julia McKinlay

It's summer and while some people are out water skiing on lakes or skipping through sprinklers in the yard, others are engaging in a different kind of water sport… that’s right I’m talking about pissplay.

From golden showers to wetting the bed intentionally, pissplay can be a blast, pun intended.

What is pissplay you ask? Its true name is linked to urolagnia which is a “tendency to derive sexual pleasure from the sight or thought of urination” but it really just means what you think: to enjoy and or get sexual pleasure from anything pertaining to pee.

For some it’s the warm wetness, for others it can be associated with power dynamics and BDSM, but however you play is your business, as long as you and your partner(s) are consenting adults.

At first, this may sound gross or make you think of jokes about Donald Trump liking golden showers, but I urge you to keep an open mind and remember that kink-shaming is never cool.

Besides, an affinity for watersports is way more common than you may think. According to a survey from The University of Montreal, 3.5 % of women reported fantasies about urinating on (or being urinated on) by a partner, and the figures for men were even higher.


It is always difficult to know exactly what draws someone to certain kinks and fetishes but regarding watersports, certain themes come up time and time again.


First, like many other kinks, it is the taboo-ness of it. When we are little, we are taught by everyone around us that any bathroom business is meant to be kept private. Our society also looks at pee in general as unsanitary. Repositioning these ideas and experimenting with bringing “private,” and “taboo” practices into the bedroom can spark feelings of excitement and naughtiness for many. 

Voyeuristic component: 

Additionally, many of us love to gaze or be gazed at in bed, and this is even heightened when we watch or are watched pissing.

Power play: 

It also can be an ultimate act of power to perform a golden shower upon your submissive partner. Many even enjoy going as far as drinking or gargling their partner's urine. Water sports are a very sensory-focused experience. By the end of your “pool party,” all your senses will be thanking you.

We also know that for select women the actual sensation of peeing (or holding in pee) can be a direct source of erotic pleasure. When our bladders push against our internal organs such as the clitoris and urethral sponge it can build up tension and then when that tension is released during urination it can result in what some call a “peegasm”.

So whether you just get off on the toilet by yourself or at a fetish pissparty with your fellow golden friends, know you aren’t alone.


The answer is YES IF…

The “if” comes into play whenever you plan on swapping/ coming into contact/ or ingesting someone’s bodily fluids, so ding ding ding it matters here with watersports. It is important to always check in with your partner(s) regarding their sexual health status before opening any flood gates.

If everyone is clean and no one is presenting any open wounds, then the answer becomes a full-on YES, pissplay is safe.

Despite what you may think, urine is 95% sterile meaning if you are up for experimenting as far as the medical community is considered you are good to go. We wouldn't recommend drinking a lot of urine but it's no problem if you want to swallow a bit.


Like any sexual act, consent is the first and most crucial step. Consider talking to your partner about being interested in watersports and gauge their reaction. If they too are down, then you are off to the races.

Porn is always a good way to start, you could watch a video involving pissplay and see if it turns you both on. Or maybe hop in a shower together and let a little tinkle out while they watch or vice versa. Plus, this will save you the cleanup.

Pace is key, start slow and keep checking in with each other. Communication is soooo sexy.


Drink lots of water before commencing your splash party, at least an hour before is recommended for anyone urinating so that you are fully hydrated, your urine is diluted and you have a full enough bladder. This sounds like prepping for a doctor’s appointment, but I promise it's way more fun in the end.

Consider where you want to get wet and wild. As mentioned above the shower and bath are a great way to ease into watersports and avoid any mess. But if you are wanting to bring this in the bedroom try laying down a towel or even investing in a protective sheet or blanket, like The Liberator Throw. Whatever, you decide cleanup is key, so you don’t have to be in any mess after your fun is had.

Lastly, safe words are awesome. It’s easy for anyone to change their mind at any time, especially when engaging in sex. We are all human. So, coming up with a word or a few different words that help you and your partner navigate the waters can make everything go that much more swimmingly ;)

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