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Vacation Sex 101: How to Make the Most of Your Holiday

By Julia McKinlay

With the holidays quickly approaching, you and your partner may be looking forward to a special time away with one another. And let’s face it, the hot vacation sex can be a huge part of the excitement. But just like you plan the trip itself it’s important to prepare for the sexual component too in order to make the most of it. Below are some tips on how to we suggest doing just that. 

Pick the right destination 

If having a sexy vacation is at the top of your list then choosing wisely where you jet off to, is paramount. There is a big difference between a Disney cruise and a secluded beach hotel.  Consider looking for adult-only resorts. While kids are cute, they are also loud. Ensuring it’s just for the grown-ups will help with keeping the ambience just right. Plus, you don’t have to monitor yourself if you want to make out at the pool.

Prep pre-trip so you feel your sexiest

This may be a tip that you already do but it’s also one that can be easily forgotten about. Prioritizing some self-care before you leave always helps to feel and look your best while away. Exfoliate in the shower, go for a wax, or sugar session, and moisturize your whole body. Get your highlights done or grow out the perfect sexy moustache if that’s what you’re into. Do whatever makes you feel your hottest because confidence translates!

Pack the essentials

This packing list will give your childhood camp list a run for its money, but just like it’s imperative to not forget a sun hat it’s also important to remember your more intimate items.

- Toys: Be sure to pack all the toys. Maybe get a new toy to try out while away. To avoid any awkwardness in security you can check your bag but to be honest, the security workers have seen it all, so if you need to keep your strap-on in your carry-on, go for it.

- Charger/batteries: Along with the toys are their respective chargers/batteries. Everyone wants their favourite toy to be able to perform so don’t forget their power sources.

- Toy cleaner: Just like at home, it’s important to practice good toy hygiene while travelling.

- Lingerie: If there is a time to whip out the silky pj’s and sexy lacy sets, your holiday is that time. Wearing lingerie can add that little extra spice and again add to confidence levels as well as inspire play.

- Massage oil: Everyone loves getting a good massage on vacation but how about giving one to your partner? This can be an excellent source of relaxation, sensuality and foreplay. Thank us later.

- Medications: Always remember any daily prescription meds and some over-the-counter pain meds. Keeping everyone feeling their best and performing their best (Viagra we’re looking at you) sets you up for sexual success.

Talk fantasies

Before the trip, consider chatting with your partner about some vacation fantasies or what each of you wants out of the trip. Maybe you have always wanted to be in the mile-high club or have sex on the beach. Opening this discussion before you leave helps to have everyone on the same page, plus you can speak your dreams into existence. Manifestation baby.

Set some time for intimacy

Even though vacations are often meant to be a time for relaxation they can often feel quite busy. Setting some time each day for connection can really help ensure that you get everything you desire. You can do this by having a daily sex-siesta or waking up early to enjoy some great morning sex. Or maybe skip the resort show and have a show of your own in the bedroom. Whatever you choose doesn’t matter but making the time absolutely does.

Avoid getting wasted

This one is sometimes tricky and of course this is totally up to you and your partner. For many, drinking is a large part of the holiday and that’s totally cool. We love enjoying a strawberry daiquiri too, but the point here is that if you can limit the level of drunkenness you can maximize the other enjoyments of the vacation. And remember them 😉

So with these tips in mind, we wish you a vacation for the books. Enjoy the travel, relaxation, and food but most of all enjoy the SEX!

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