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9 easy costumes for the Halloween procrastinator

By Bellesa Team

Halloweekend is almost upon us, which means we've run out of runway to procrastinate pulling together a costume... Fret not, bbs! Here are 8 easy Halloween costumes that you can DIY/thrift/repurpose in a pinch, and they're 2023 approved. No basic witches (serisouly, are people still doing that costume?) or bedsheet ghosts, these costumes definitely give the illusion of a well thought out plan. 

1. Barbie

The wonderful thing about Greta Gerwig’s Barbieland is that anyone can be a barbie now – blonde wig completely unnecessary! While we’re bound to see some cowgirl and rollerblade Barbie costumes straight off the WB lot, this costume can be so easily DIY’d. Throw on your cutest pink fit and say “Hi Barbie'' to the 100+ other Barbies you’ll inevitably run into.
Pregnancy friendly variation: Midge. 
Couples variation: Bring your Ken. Duh! 

2. Ariana Grande and Spongebob 

This is THE couples costume of the year. I will not be elaborating further.

3. The Biebers

While I love the idea of Ari and Spongebob for my own amusement, this is the actual couples costume of the year. This is for all the glam girlies with boyfriends that own Crocs (I get it, they’re in again). Do the absolute most, and let him do whatever tf this is... This is by no means an original costume so prepare to see multiples, but it is an easy costume that lets you look super hot which is reason enough to give it a 10/10. 

4. The Bear

For the gents looking for low effort, high impact (or for the girlfriends that want one night of passionate role-play with a Wish version of J.A.W.) this costume is super easy! A white t-shirt, navy apron, some DIY drawn on tattoos, and messy hair is all it takes. Yes, Chef! 

5. Wednesday Addams 

While Jenna Ortega made her an icon of 2023 pop culture, Wednesday (and the entire Addams Family) have been serving Halloween since 1964 so this one is a no brainer. If you’re anything like me and have a closet full of black (and at least one white collared shirt) then this costume is super easy for a last minute DIY! All you need are a couple braids and Wednesday’s signature scowl. Now go practice your killer dance moves! 

6. Ariana Madix 

This is literally just a reason to look sexy AF and we’re so here for it! Normally a hot red gown would not constitute a Halloween costume (unless you’re going as Jessica Rabbit), but this dress was a beyond iconic moment within the cultural reset that was Scandoval. Also, is it just me or is she slightly channeling AirVibe? 👀

7. Elvis & Priscilla 

If you’re looking to repurpose a costume from last year, now is your chance because Elvis is back on the big screen. That’s right, your Elvis & Priscilla couples costume is still relevant! Ladies, start teasing your hair. Guys, start working on that southern drawl... Lord knows Austin Butler is still milking it so why can’t you?

8. Taylor Swift Eras

The Eras Tour has been the most insane phenomenon of the year so you really can’t go wrong with this one. Whether you’re wearing your dream outfit for the concert you’ll never get tickets to, or you’re one of the few of us that walks in the light and want to repurpose your (likely painstakingly-hand-bedazzled, couture-grade, exact-taylor-replica) concert fit, a nod to any of the eras will do.
Side note: If you choose to dress as TS herself, off-beat dancing is a non-negotiable element of the costume... I don't make the rules. 

9. Kravis 2.0

This one is for all the soon to be mamas, if you're expecting then this costume is an absolute must! Last year was all about Kourt and Trav: the newlyweds, this year it's Kourt and Trav: the parents to be. Love them or hate them, these two have reigned supreme in terms of meme-worthy (and costume worthy) moments of the last few years. And let's be real, it just wouldn't be Halloween without someone dressed as a Kardashian. 

Happy Halloween bbs! 🎃

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