10 Women You Should Definitely Be Following On Twitter

By Emma Elizabeth

With so many intelligent and hilarious women on Twitter, it was hard to narrow our list down to just 10. While there are many (many) more, this is a great starting point to keep yourself informed on today’s political climate, and then distract yourself with some of our favourite funny women.  

If you’re not already following these amazing women, now is a good time to start! Let us know which women you think deserve to be on the next list. 

1) (((OhNoSheTwitnt)))

This woman is a Twitter genius, covering everything from Game of Thrones, to Trump’s newest political disaster. 

2) Megan Amram

She's been sarcastically tweeting "Today was the day Donald trump finally became president" every day. Enough said. 

3) Aparna Nancherla

Not only is she hilarious, but her parents proudly supported women at this year's Women's March in January.

4) Kashana

Always spot on politically, this hilarious woman used to be a staff writer for Trevor Noah.

5) Elizabeth Hackett

While Elizabeth Hackett doesn't tweet as often, every tweet is a gem. Her feed is worth the read.  

6) roxane gay

The author of Bad Feminist and Hunger is able to articulate thought-provoking tweets in far fewer than 140 characters. And nothing gets past her; as Roxane states in her bio, "If you clap, I clap back".  

7) Jenny Johnson

She was one of the first comedians I followed on Twitter. She's an absolute staple on your feed. 

8) Lauren Duca

Always on the pulse, her feed is dedicated to calling our sexism, racism, and all forms of discrimination. She'll inspire you to get involved. 

9) Joy Reid

Author and MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid is one of the smartest political commentators out there. She also retweets some of the other best and brightest in the political space.   

10) christine teigen

She's on every "who to follow" list, but for good reason. Below are only two examples of the gold you'll find on her feed. 

Bonus Obvious Follow: J.K. Rowling

I think everyone is following her at this point, but if you're not, start now. Her brutal takedowns of online trolls are a welcome addition to my feed.  

Cover Photo Source: Greg Guillemin

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