Quit playing games with your heart: Try these 10 hot sex games instead

By Maya Khamala

Whether you’re half of a couple or not, and whether you’re feeling like your sex life needs a booster cable or not, getting playful and creative when it comes to sex is not only straight up fun in a fundamental sort of way, but it can also be an excellent way to communicate your deepest, darkest, dirtiest desires—unselfconsciously. Oh, and did I mention that having fun coupled with healthy communication often makes for extra hot, ramped up intimacy with your lucky counterpart? What better way to get close to someone than to get to know them better? And what better way to get to know them better than to be allowed into their fantasies? 

Need some inspiration, divine guidance, maybe? Try these 10 sexy games with your chosen one for a rowdy good time. As always, be safe, and always prioritize consent.

1. What’s in your wild child mind?

Don’t think too much about it. Both of you: write down fantasies you have yet to share or try with your partner. This might involve getting it on in the car, trying anal for the first time, or having an “interview” for a new secretary job. Whatever it is you imagine on the reg, drop the slips of paper into a bowl, and let the unfolding begin. My advice: start with just one! It may be all you need.

2. Pick a prop, any prop

Get a large bag and fill it with costume props. A fireman’s hat maybe, or striped thigh-high schoolgirl socks, or stripper pasties, or a stethoscope. Whatever does it for you. Then simply reach into the bag, and pick up whatever you grab onto first. That’s the role play fantasy you and your lover are gonna act out. Embracing a few cheesy stereotypes and making them your own can be a hell of a good time—for both body and mind.

3. Love is kind, but a little bit blind

Decide if you’d like to be the blindfolder or blindfoldee, then get ahold of a silk scarf, a tie, or two separate eye patches from the time you dressed up as sexy Captain Hook and were extra prepared. The person who can see then leads the other person to the bed, or any other scintillating spot, and loves them up—or down—the way they see fit. Hot tip: pay close attention to your partner’s arousal, and respond to it.

4. Exercise restraint

You can use anything, really, but be sure to choose a material that turns you on. Either pick up a set of restraints available at any on or offline sex-toy store, or else use a pair of handcuffs, a scarf, or even some good old-fashioned rope to tie your guy or gal to a bed, or else be tied, depending on your preference. If it’s the latter, trust them to have their way with you. Pick a safe word just in case, of course, and it always helps to communicate any limits in advance. It can be a highly erotic experience to feel completely powerless, while at the same time being the absolute center of attention.

5. Bad girls have a spankin’ good time

Maybe you did something “bad.” Tell your partner all the things you’ve done wrong recently, like forgetting someone’s name, thinking violent thoughts about your terrible landlord, or burning the apple pie. Then kneel on the bed, or let him/her take you across their lap and spank you. A good whack on the butt creates a tingly, alert sensation that combines well with gentle sensations like lightly stroking with fingers, or delicate kisses. Let it take its course, cum what may.

6. Greased lightning

For this one, be sure to have a large towel or blanket and a bottle of coconut or (vagina-friendly) massage oil. Spread your towel on the bed other surface and grease each other all up and down—don’t miss a spot. Then, simply roll around for a bit. Chances are you’ll be making out soon, and feeling the very real difference that a little lube can make when it comes to skin on skin sensitivity. Life is messy. Go with it. 

7. Feather luster

Get hold of a sturdy but soft feather. Get naked, lie on your bed, and close your eyes. And then have your partner try to make you crazy (or make you cum) using nothing more than that almighty feather, by teasing it slowly over all your parts, exploring your sensations as they go. Or switch places and use the feather luster yourself.

8. Words are cheap and deep and funny as hell

On several small pieces of paper, write down sentences that will grab your partner's attention, and have them do the same. They can be dopey, awkward, flirtatious, or incredibly provocative. As you wish. Place your pieces of paper in one bowl and theirs in another, and then take turns reading the other person's sentences out loud. If either of you loses control and smiles, you get to remove something the other person is wearing. Laughter is damn sexy and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

9. Never have I ever

Chances are you already know this game, but have never played it in a sextastic way before. You and your partner each hold up 10 fingers, and proceed to take turns making the dirtiest "never have I ever" declarations you can summon. This is a great opportunity to reveal things you’ve been wanting to try but have been unsure how to broach. For example, “never have I ever: been handcuffed; had anal sex; done an erotic dance in front of someone.” If you've done whatever it is your partner says they haven’t, you put one finger down. If you haven't, the person making the declaration does. The first one to put all his or her fingers down “loses,” and the winner picks the next activity—straight from the verbal list you’ve just collaborated on.

10. On and off

Get a timepiece of any kind, be it a cell phone or your grand-pappy’s pocket watch. Anything that allows you to set an alarm or timer. Agree on a time period, be it a minute, or two, or three. Then set your timer and have at it. Just kiss, or do whatever comes naturally. Don’t force anything at all, and feel free to slow down. There is no pressure to be found in this game, in spite of its alarmist nature. When the timer goes off, stop whatever you're doing—no matter how hawt—and disengage. No touching. After another minute passes, you can start again. See how aroused and excited you feel at the end of each "time out.”

May you all find fire and joy.

Cover image source: Tony Futura

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