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Sex and weed: the pros and cons of mixing them

By Maya Khamala

Personally, I’ve always been a 420-friendly type o’ gal. Since I’ve also always been a sex-positive type, it’s no surprise that I mix the two on the regular. But although some claim that it’s the ultimate aphrodisiac, leading to the most mind-blowing sex they’ve ever had, others find it to be the messiest or most awkward. Of course, as with any substance, it can have wildly different effects on people based on a mess of other factors. But as a regular mixer of sex and weed, I’m here to share with you a few pros and cons of mixing that might be worth considering.

Pros of mixing weed and sex 

Allow me to jump right in here.

1) Easier to relax 

When it comes to marijuana, the topic of heightened senses is one of the most addressed. People often say sex just feels better when they’re high. This study shows that people feel more relaxed, euphoric, and emotional—all makings of great sex. As with most pleasurable things, you're a lot more likely to enjoy it if you’re nice and chill. Tense sex: not as fun, and harder to experience real intimacy.

2) Increased sex drive 

A 1984 study cited by Psychology Daily found users to have an increased libido after smoking marijuana. While the study may be outdated, people still claim to have increased sexual desires when under the influence. Although there is an endless combination of factors that could use more delving into, given the many claims that have already been investigated, marijuana pre-foreplay does indeed seem to increase arousal!

3) Increased creativity 

There's evidence that marijuana opens up new, creative patterns of thought, which I can personally attest to, as a life-long writer. This quality, of course, can be a huge bonus for the lovers among us! Make no mistake: sex is a creative act, or at least it should be. Chances are, your capacity for playfulness, along with an organic ability to think up fun new ways to both give and receive will simply come to you when you’re high (and in the presence of someone you’re both comfortable with and attracted to, of course)!

4) Feeling present 

For many, it's easier to be present in the moment, and therefore in your body, after a few puffs. Indeed, many say that time seems to slow down when they smoke. Those hurried thoughts rushing through your head can be subdued or silenced. You can be more in your body, and less in your head. Peneloppe, a model for the adult lifestyle brand SuicideGirls, says smoking helps her "escape everything that makes me human: my problems, worries, stresses, my phone notifications and work schedule changes—and just be the animal version of me long enough to lose myself in sex.”

5) Heightened orgasms 

Even if you cum all the time and have never had trouble getting there, some weed can establish new categories of orgasm—for women in particular. For instance, the internal “vaginal” orgasm that some find elusive, or the multiple orgasm (not that there is any need to achieve these!). It may also be easier to achieve orgasm for those who usually have a hard time getting there. The reason for this probably has to do with the whole being more relaxed and heightened sensitivity thing. There are times I’ve been quite high and so aroused that a kiss on my back is enough to make my entire being convulse. Really.


While I personally love mixing sex and weed, I'll certainly admit that there are some cons to it.

1. Dehydration and dryness  

According to Dr. Julie Holland, smoking weed can lead to a dry vagina, in addition to the more well known “cottonmouth” phenomenon, which is exactly what it sounds like. I’ll vouch for these issues firsthand. This is thanks to the drying of mucous membranes, which can really halt the action. The best way to avoid this is by drinking plenty of water, smoking a very small amount until you’re more familiar with what effect weed has on you during sex, and learning more about what strains to choose.

2. Emotional dependence  

Take it from me: marijuana can act as an emotional crutch if overused—as can any substance. If you never have sex without smoking weed, it’s possible that fostering intimacy without the help of a substance is more of a challenge than it should be. This is more about the relationship than the substance in my mind, but weed can mask issues just as much as it can make magic happen. Know thyself.

3) Too much of a good thing 

The American Academy of Neurology has looked at the effects of marijuana in relation to dosage. Guess what? The more weed you smoke (or eat, or vape) the more intense its effects. Translation: if you smoke too much, there’s a possibility you won’t be doing much giving or taking of pleasure because you’ll be too damn high. Unless you already know what strain has what effect on you and how much to smoke, it can be hard to know if you’ve had too much…until you have. In these instances, I’ve always found cuddling and passing out to be the next best thing.

4) Carelessness 

Any sort of mind-altering substance can make the best of us a tad careless, especially if we’re not used to it. When under the influence of any substance (dependent of course on other factors like quantity, mood, one’s relationship with their partner), some are more likely to make lax decisions—like have unprotected sex, for example. Yeah, don’t do that. I’ve never personally found that marijuana inhibits my good judgment, but if you’re a stranger to the herb, it’s best to exercise caution in moderation, for sure.

Bottom line: Know thyself, know thy weed, and less is (usually) more. Most importantly, have a jolly ol’ time, lovers.

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