4 awesome health benefits of sleeping naked

By S. Nicole Lane

I think I’ve always slept in the nude, or at least I like to believe I always have. The feeling of the sheets, or the warm body next to me, the lack of clinging clothing, the supreme comfort of it all, is too much to abandon. I’ve also never considered it to be unhealthy—how can it be? And much to my satisfaction, a recent study on Mattress Advisor found that yes, sleeping in the nude is in fact very beneficial for your health. 

What’s surprising to me is that only eight percent of Americans choose to sleep sans clothing. 

1. Increased metabolism   

Your body’s temperature is reduced during the night which comes with a plethora of benefits. Since we are cooler while asleep, our body activates brown fat to keep us comfortable. Essentially, “our body destroys white fat (belly fat) and converts it into brown fat to heat the body during a chilly night.”

Moreover, brown fat contributes to positive effects on insulin levels, sensitivity, bone health, and is linked to living longer. 

2. Increased daytime performance  

Obviously, a good night's sleep contributes to a day’s worth of enhanced mood and motivation. But if you’re warm at night, you’ll have a more difficult time falling asleep, and staying asleep. Being cooler in the night leads our bodies into a relaxing state and helps us remain that way. Sleeping well means that your daytime performance will be exponentially better. 

When your sleep has been disrupted or you wake up in the middle of the night, your levels of cortisol are heightened. Better sleep equates to less cortisol, which is a hormone that is related to stress. 


3. Genital health 

This one may not be so obvious for many people. When I’ve opted to sleep in the nude, friends have said to me, “But is that healthy for down there?!” Um, yes. When you sleep naked, there isn’t any fabric rubbing against your body which can result in ingrown hairs, rashes, or bacterial issues like yeast infections. Sleeping in non-breathable fabrics, including sanitary pads or sweaty clothing can create moisture and irritation. 

For people with penises, sleeping naked has benefits on the genitals, too. Trapping the testicles in “constricting and heat-trapping boxers” may be harmful to sperm as they are also meant to be a bit cooler from the rest of the body. 

4. More sex?! 

So we’ve covered the health benefits of sleeping in the nude, but remember that sleeping naked can also be beneficial in various other ways as well. Think: nudity in the bedroom. Yes, yes. We are hinting at how sleeping naked contributes to more sex with your partner. And guess what? Sex is great because it releases oxytocin, which is a bonding hormone that activates love and connection. Couples who have more oxytocin have “stronger and longer relationships.” Moreover, Cotton USA found that 57 percent of couples who sleep naked together are happier than those who are fully clothed. 

Clearly, the argument has been made and science backs it up. As if you really needed another reason, plunge into your sheets a little more nude than the last time to see what ways wearing your birthday suit can improve your wellbeing.

Cover image source: Unsplash

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