CBD oil: what can it do for your sex life?

By Maya Khamala

A while back I explored the very real limitations of alcohol as, um, social lubricant, as well as the pros and cons of mixing sex and weed. While there is, of course, a relationship between the THC compounds in a cannabis plant (the ones that get you high), and the more recently famous CBD compounds that don’t so much get you high as help you chill, they understandably have a different effect in the bedroom (or wherever you choose to get it on).

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is increasingly used to treat different illnesses and help people deal with pain. And it turns out it can also go a long way toward changing our sex lives for the better. So let’s explore, shall we?

There are numerous reasons people choose to use CBD for sex. Here are a few, in case you’re considering it too!

Can you say anxiety?

Maybe you get distracted and all in-your-head about the way you look or smell, or how you’re “performing.” Maybe you worry about your ability to please or be pleased. These types of sexual preoccupations are shockingly common: millions suffer from stress or performance anxiety around the act of having sex. One of the most common problems is getting stuck in your head vs being in your body. One of the most valuable lessons I have gleaned in my time thus far on this planet is that to be in your body, you have to be present in the moment—and vice versa. One survey found that 68% of people who tried CBD for sex said it improved their sexual experience, and others said it helped them relax or improved their overall mood.  

Clear-headed sex

If you can’t or don’t want to be high while doing the dirty but still want the holistic body and mind benefits that cannabis can provide, you may wanna try CBD. While some people truly find regular ol’ THC gives ‘em a front row center seat to the sensual delights they hold within, many people simply don’t enjoy the psychoactive effects of THC and even find it makes them feel more anxious or paranoid. CBD for the win, I say.

Pleasure vs. pain

People with acute or chronic pain gotta try that CBD. The fact is, many people living with chronic pain have found CBD to have an all-around positive impact on the quality of their sex lives. You might even introduce CBD massage cream or oil into your selection of bedside fixtures. There really are all kinds of products on the market these days. And really, if you don’t have to let an injury or a chronic condition cock block you, why would you? And if you tend to have painful sex, CBD-rich oils can be used to lubricate your delicate but fiery lotus flower—a potential game-changer that helps improve blood flow and stimulate natural lubrication. Some studies have even found that CBD as a lubricant can reduce inflammation and raise serotonin levels, helping your body up its pleasure factor, full stop.

Erectile dysfunction

If you aren’t yet convinced, maybe this will help: one of the most notable benefits of CBD is its potential to improve erectile dysfunction, largely due to its ability to repair tissue damage and improve blood flow to the genitals. The process of aging creates a toxin called dioxin, which has been found by some studies to contribute to the onset of erectile dysfunction. Enter CBD, which happens to flush dioxin from the body. For serious. And the compound’s ability to naturally energize only complements these effects. Sex day, anyone?

Bottom line

CBD can help address a myriad of issues, many of them affecting your sex life. Whether you smoke, vape, dab, consume edibles or tinctures, or explore topicals, you’re bound to feel a difference once you start exploring. Some quality high-CBD strains to look for at your local dispensary? ACDC, Ringo’s Gift, Harlequin, and Charlotte’s Web. Ask the pros who work there for some guidance and/or do some online research. Though using CBD for sex is becoming a lot more popular, more research = more info. The reality is, like anything, CBD will affect different people differently—depending on factors like gender and body weight. After all, one woman’s aphrodisiac is another’s [fill in the blank]. Nonetheless, it has been proven time and again that bringing cannabis into your bedroom (or sex dungeon) is very often a force for good.

Hot sex for all.


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