5 ways to seriously enhance any sex position

By Lilith Bealove

Whether you enjoy constantly trying new things up in the bedroom or you are looking to enhance your normal routine, making just a few changes to your favorite sex positions can greatly enhance your sex life overall.

While these tips may be new to you, we all know that sex is best when you and your partner are comfortable and in the moment. We have all experienced difficulty reaching orgasm when we are too busy worrying over other things - work, dishes, dinner, etc. My biggest tip for getting over this is to switch your phone to silent, make a quick to do list to empty your mind, and talk to your partner about what you want to explore with them or how you plan to enhance this particular session. 

Step 1: Warm up 

We know, we know, foreplay is important-- but that is not what I am talking about. Take a few moments to stretch while brushing your teeth or grabbing the towel and lube before you just jump into the sack. Getting your muscles ready for the work out they are about to endure is honestly just as important as proper foreplay. Arch your back for a few deep breaths, stretch your arms, and warm up your glutes. You may not be getting ready to run a marathon, but you are about to put your body through a decent workout. Being properly warmed up will help your body twist and contort into all those sex positions that you usually have a difficult time holding.

Step 2: Proper foreplay 

A light kiss on the neck, hardcore making out, and dry humping are all a part of the sexual experience we call foreplay. Sadly, this is an amazing part of sex that is often overlooked. If you have limited time to actually do the deed, try sexy flirting throughout the day. Text your partner what you would like to do when you get home, grab their bum in an empty aisle while grocery shopping, pull them in for a quick and steamy kiss before unlocking the door. If you do have time before sex, set a timer for half an hour and explain that you cannot have sex until the alarm goes off. Once the timer starts counting down you and your partner should please, tease, and arouse one another, without actually having sex until it is time. Being turned on will make your body more responsive to stimulation. 

Step 3: Add props

No, I’m not talking about sex toys, although definitely feel free to use those as well. There is zero shame in grabbing a pillow and propping your bum up on it to achieve a better angle in a position that is not quite hitting your sweet spot. If you are feeling exceptionally adventurous, or have the money to blow, I recommend checking out specialist sex furniture. There are wedges, pillows, and a variety of other position aides to explore that will help you get the best angles. If you're looking into standing up sex, over the door swings take a lot of pressure (and weight) off of you and your partner!

Step 4: Make adjustments 

While you may be tempted to try every sex position in the kama sutra, exactly as it is described, not all of these positions are realistic for everyone. Just because you read that you should hold your hips at a twenty-degree angle while your partner thrusts at exactly the speed of a snail on cocaine, does not mean that you are going to get the desired effect. For example, if you and your partner are different heights, a position may require you to adjust how you pose your bodies in relation to each other. Do not be afraid to make adjustments to fit your needs, the kama sutra is not written with every body type and person in mind.

Step 5: Lube. More lube. 

I feel like it is rare that I write these days without bringing up personal lubricant. That is because I honestly believe it has the potential to enhance any sex position, any sexual activity, and that everyone should use it. Lube can help your partner slip in easier when you have contorted yourself into a pretzel to achieve a tighter fit. It can also help you go for longer periods of time, or just make everything feel that much better. 

Asking you to enhance a sex position may sound like we are asking you to reinvent the wheel, but really it is just making a couple of simple adjustments to just make the position feel better. Taking a few minutes to warm up and make sure that everyone is turned on enough is a fantastic first step in the right direction. Adding props, lube, and making adjustments based on your body type will make any position orgasmic for your body and sex style. Upgrading a sex position does not have to be a huge change, it can be a simple adjustment to just help your partner hit your G-spot better.


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