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7 ways to make period sex the hottest sex ever

By Priya Alika

Have you started your period right before date night/a romantic holiday with your boo? Yes, that can feel like the worst stroke of luck. But here’s the thing – period sex is actually great. Like, really great. It’s natural, it’s healthy, and orgasms actually help with the pain of your menstrual cycle (oxytocin is the best natural painkiller).

Here’s the thing about your period: your hormones are going crazy right now – and that means period sex might feel even better than regular sex. Your sex drive is likely to be very high at the beginning of your menstrual cycle. 

There are loads of reasons why period sex might even be an improvement on regular sex. That’s why we’ve come up with some ways for you to take advantage of your pesky period. 

1. Invest in foreplay 

Don't skip out on foreplay. Ever, but especially during your period. Allot some extra time to foreplay during period sex. Because you’re producing more estrogen and testosterone, foreplay gets that much hotter and more arousing. Ask your partner to play with your erogenous zones – neck, ears and so on – and watch how much more stimulated you become. You might orgasm from the touch alone (hello, nipple orgasms!). 

2. Hop in the shower

Shower sex – while sexy in theory – is normally quite difficult in practice. For one thing, the stream of water doesn’t exactly act like lubricant (quite the opposite). But when you’re on your period, you’re already wet down there: the extra fluid will make it that much easier to have satisfying shower sex with no mess. Just make sure you don’t slip.

3. Warn your partner to be careful around any sensitive areas

Are your nipples super sensitive to touch when you’re on your period? No problem, just let your partner know. That way, you can still have sex without having to power your way through discomfort and general ‘yuckiness.’ 

4. Try out kinky sex (if you're into pain) 

Yes, it’s true: you have the lowest pain threshold when you’re on your period. But that also means that certain kinds of sex- ahem, did someone say BDSM?- feel much more intense than normal. If pain is your game, definitely try exploring that kink during your period.

5. Wear a menstrual disc 

You might like to try out a menstrual disc- this will greatly reduce the amount of blood that comes out during period sex. They’re inserted around the cervix, so they won’t interfere with penetrative sex the way menstrual cups and tampons would. 

6. Use toys  

Of course, you don’t have to have penetrative sex at all. You and your partner might find that periods are the perfect time to try out sex toys that stimulate your clitoris. That way, you’ll never run short of orgasms – without having to lay down a towel on your bedsheets. You don’t even have to take out your tampon: just lie back and enjoy the feeling of a toy on your (extra-sensitive) clit. 

7. Embrace the mess 

Finally…remember that it’s just blood. A lot of people feel icky or gross having their period blood fall on their partner – but there’s no reason why it should be so taboo. It’s not going to give your boyfriend a disease, after all. 

Put an old towel on the bed and boom, the (likely small) stain caused by your period is NBD. If you get blood on yourself or your partner – hey, now you can role play as sexy vampires. Relax, and remember that any partner who gets super grossed out by periods probably isn’t worth boning. Mature partners handle it with ease.

Good luck, and have a blast, sis.


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