6 reasons you should be laughing during sex

By Maya Khamala

Sex has gotten so serious, hasn’t it? It almost seems like, in an attempt to make sex sexier, many have lost their ability to smile and laugh while doin’ the dirty. I mean—when was the last time you saw people genuinely laughing in a (non-Bellesa Films!) mainstream porn vid? For those who learn about what’s hot by watching said vids, laughing during sex may be seen as inappropriate or even inconsiderate of one’s partner.

But I say, as long as you’re not laughing at your partner's lack of skills or physical appearance, then some mid-romp giggling could/should be making your sex life even hotter. 

While some like to broach the subject as though intense, passionate, and emotional sex doesn’t include laughing, while lighthearted, silly sex does—nothing’s ever that simple, is it? First of all, you’d be within your rights to want to have all the kinds of sex. But you’d also be totally bang on to laugh, giggle, snicker, chuckle and sigh regardless of the general mood at play. Playful, lighthearted laughter isn't the only kind of laughter, for goddess’ sake. Everything depends on your relationship with your lover, your mood, and the idiosyncratic realties of the moment at hand, after all. Down with cookie cutter sex.

Here are 6 reasons why you need to laugh more while having sex, stat (especially if you’re holding back!):

1. Sex is fun 

Obvious: you should be humping to your heart’s content and revelling in pure pleasure. No pressure, no holding back, no trying to be more ladylike or less laugh-tastic than you actually are.

2. If you’re holding back, you’re not letting go 

Good sex means you and your partner are comfortable together. This feeling of being able to let loose and feel light or heavy as the moment calls for—without being self-conscious about doing something wrong or awkward.

3. Laughing relaxes you 

Scientific fact: laughing during sex alleviates stress and anxiety. Know how your head gets a little light-headed after a laughing fit? It’s because more oxygen is reaching your brain. It’s no surprise then, that having a laughing fit during sex can make you feel even more ecstatic. When you let yourself laugh, it takes the pressure off any inkling of a “performance” so you can straight-up enjoy yourself (and your partner) instead.

4. Laughing fosters intimacy 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that to laugh with someone is to bond with them. Seeing the humor of a given situation (especially a naked situation) with a partner will also help you feel closer to said person, allowing for more trust, intimacy, and a sense of complicity.

5. Awkwardness is part of the package 

Hello, awkward things happen—especially during sex. There’s no way around it. I mean: there’s queefing; farting; accidentally catching a load in one’s eye; falling off the bed; and accidentally elbowing your partner in the face, for starters. So you can either be embarrassed and inevitably compromise the mood, or laugh about it and keep experiencing all the moment has to offer.

6. Laughter is positive feedback 

Laughter, like all expressions of emotion, is a form of feedback. And it’s positive feedback. It means enjoyment, and it means feeling comfortable. When you laugh during sex, it lets the other person know you’re in it. And, vice versa: it’s sexy and satisfying to see your partner letting go, smiling, laughing, and enjoying themselves fully. Really, what could be better than that?

Although laughing during sex is one of many ways to feel closer to someone, it’s one that should not be disregarded. If being silly isn't “your thing,” that's fine, so long as you’re comfortable with everything. But if you're not feeling comfortable—in whatever way(s) you need to enjoy sex— then it might be time to dig a little deeper.Life is short (and often funny), so I say do everything you can to ensure the sex you’re having is doing you justice—while at least allowing for the remote possibility of uproarious laughter.


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