16 most popular sex toys for couples for Valentine's Day from BBoutique

By Bellesa Team

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you know we’re fantasizing about all the mutual lovin’ that’ll be going down. Whether you're sending your partner a self-care treat, deepening your timed orgasms, or just celebrating your synonymous kinks, we’ve gotchu. We’ve put together a list of our most popular couples' sex toys at BBoutique to make things easier.

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Let's jump right on in.

1. We-Vibe Sync

Nothing screams “Happy Valentine's Day” like a vibrator that’s worn during sex. It hugs your body, and stays in place with rumbly vibrations that you both can share. And the remote control makes it unbeatable. A click of a button can change the whole game. 

Regular price: $199

Valentine's Day sale price: $159

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2. The Halo Bundle 

Make gift giving mega easy with a Halo Bundle. With just one click on BBoutique and you’ve got Bellesa’s most beloved cock ring, as well as water-based lube and a handy toy cleaner. The Halo is ultra special for couples — while it gives his member vibrating pleasure, (and restricts his blood flow to stay harder longer) the ring is also providing clitoral stimulation during penetration. It’s a win/win situation that makes an orgasm hands free. 

Regular price: $99

Valentine's Day sale price: $89

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3. Hemp Bliss Intimate Oil

Luuuuube, lest we forget you on this special day. Good lube is the key to taking pleasure and toy-play up a wet notch. Created with the most sincere selection of ingredients, this premium hemp oil lube is perfect for massage, solo play or sex. Each bottle contains 250 mg of active cannabinoids — It’s hypoallergenic, stain-free, paraben-free and sex toy safe.

Regular price: $59

Valentine's Day sale price: $41

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4. Midnight Lace Cuffs

Handcuff your Valentine, and tell them they are not going anywhere tonight (consensually, of course). Sometimes a holiday gives us that extra edge for adventurous partner play or BDSM roleplay. The ‘Midnight’ collection on BBoutique has got you covered with whips, collars, and blindfolds….the choice is endless, and yours. Always yours. 

Regular price: $35

Valentine's Day sale price: $25

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5. Aurora

You’re the Valentine today, but the Aurora is our primary the other 364 days a year. Bellesa’s own line and favourite vibrator,  silky smooth and ranging in intensity — It’s a bedroom staple. Sometimes bringing a toy into couple play can feel invasive, but this sleek design sneaks in and satisfies any erogenous zone. 

Regular price: $99

Valentine's Day sale price: $69

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6. The Kiiroo Onyx Interactive Long-Distance Couples Set

Distance may make the heart grow fonder, but we still wanna be fondled. The Kiiroo is the most elite couples-toy offering in the market. While sexting may spin our minds into plays of pleasure, this G-spot vibrator will bring you even closer to feeling touched by your Valentine from afar. The synced up masturbator will move in real-time for him, simulating intercourse. Yup, the modern world has made long-distance love-making a slice. 

Regular price: $299

Valentine's Day sale price: $209

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7. Satisfyer Multifun 3

Forget a candlelit dinner, and shut your bedroom door. 33 different uses and 100 vibration combinations. This Satisfyer line toy is called the Multifun for a reason. His and her time, his and his or hers and hers — there’s nothing that can’t be stimulated. The shaft, the clitoris, the nipples. Be it vaginal or anal insertion. We warn you this toy may become the Valentine.

Regular price: $59

Valentine's Day sale price: $41

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8. Hidden Pleasure Panties Wireless

Surprise your partner with a sexy secret. You’re wearing pleasure panties at the bar and he/she’s got the remote. Your love is public, but your intimacy is for no one else to see.  The bullet vibrator hidden in these lacy panties is super strong and ultra quiet. Careful, the trick is your pleasure has to be quiet too. 

Regular price: $79

Valentine's Day sale price: $55

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9. Rianne S Butt Plug Set

Maybe there’s something you’ve both been hinting at trying, but haven’t yet had the courage to communicate. Sex toys are perfect entry points for new styles of play. These silky plugs come in three sizes. They stimulate as they widen, and are perfect for beginners looking to explore anal sensations together.

Regular price: $45

Valentine's Day sale price: $32

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10. We-Vibe Touch

A special touch, a small and mighty rumble, this will be the threesome of your life. Treat your partner to this shapely hand-held vibe that will satisfy any erogenous zone. Oh, and this sucker is 100% waterproof. A perfect addition to the rose petals in your V-day couples bath. 

Regular price: $99

Valentine's Day sale price: $79

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11. The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe 

Giving and receiving should be balanced acts. Maybe your partner has been doing more of the work in the relationship, and you want to take a moment to give back this Valentine's Day with a self-care toy. The Satisfyer Pro is a world famous oral sex stimulator that uses pressure wave technology to bring you to orgasmic bliss. Have you ever gifted bliss? 

Regular price: $59

Valentine's Day sale price: $41

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12. The Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration

The same goes for your male partner — gift them some bliss, too. This male masturbator is breathtakingly realistic, and equipped with heating technology. 70 combination modes, and 3 warming modes, will send them to Mars, where you’ll be patiently waiting for your thank you. 

Regular price: $69

Valentine's Day sale price: $48

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13. Impressions Dildo with Suction Cup

It’s time for 2020 vision, and fantasies are for fulfilling. Have you ever fantasized about watching your partner be penetrated? Or penetrating them with a strap-on? The Impressions dildos at BBoutique come in 5 different shapes and sizes, but are all perfect for G-spot and prostate stimulation. The suction cup base aides in solo play, and also doubles as harness compatible for partner play. We love when a toy can swing both ways. 

Regular price: $89-$97

Valentine's Day sale price: $62-$68

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14. Amethyst Rain Glass Butt Plug 

Valentine's day is a good time to check in with your partner about their ever-changing sexual needs and desires. Maybe there’s something you’ve wanted to do more of together, and you want a little bedside reminder. This Amethyst Plug is a perfect erotic statue, made of hand-blown glass. Incomparable anal pleasures matched with temperature play. 

Regular price: $27

Valentine's Day sale price: $19

Get up to 30% off the Amethyst Rain Plug!

15. The Dea Bundle 

Just when you thought the Bellesa Dea couldn’t get any better, it came in a bundle. With premium water-based lube and a handy toy cleanser, there's nothing more you’ll need then your most tender selves. The dual stimulation is perfect for a powerful blended orgasm that will leave your partner seeing stars.

Regular price: $149

Valentine's Day sale price: $129

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16. Nirvana

Ahhh, Bellesa’s remake of the wand toy will split your bedroom in half after your starry-eyed V-day date. The Nirvana is cordless, the head is soft, and the built in motors are insanely powerful. The rumbling sensations can go anywhere you want them. ANYWHERE. Get creative. 

Regular price: $139

Valentine's Day sale price: $97

Get 30% off the Nirvana!

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