7 gadgets to make long distance easier (in and outside of the bedroom)

By Lea Rose Emery

One of the hardest parts of living in lockdown is being separated from those you care about most. For a lot of people, that means being away from your friends and family — but for some, it can mean your partner. Long-distance is becoming the new normal for many and often they have to stay separated due to circumstances beyond their control. And it sucks. It really effing sucks. 

In fact, even if you’re used to being in a long-distance relationship, this can be an incredibly tough time. Normally, you know when you’ll next be seeing each other — a trip planned, a reunion scheduled, or something that you can count down to. But the not knowing, the feeling that your life is on pause — that can be excruciating. So even if you’re well-practised in the art of not seeing each other face to face, you might need a little help.

Luckily, tech has arrived with an overwhelming number of possibilities. There are plenty of gadgets out there that can help you feel closer to your partner. And yes, many of them are for sex. But not all of them are for sex. If FaceTime and Zoom just aren’t cutting it anymore, there are lots of ways to feel emotionally closer to your partner — both in and out of the bedroom.

1. Kiiroo Interactive Long-Distance Couples Set 

Like I said — some of them are just about sex. We need it. If you’re really feeling the lack of intimacy (or you’re just painfully horny), the Kiiroo Interactive Long-Distance Couples Set is here to help. Basically, this set comes with two different toys — the ONYX+ and Pearl2 — and is perfect for hetero couples feeling the distance. 

The ONYX is a male masturbator and the Pearl2 is an epic G-spot vibrator. But you can control the vibrator through a touch-sensitive pad on the ONYX, so you can really have some fun. Play together, play separately — either way, Kiiroo has you covered. 

2. Pillow Talk

OK, so if you want to go full lovey-dovey while you’re apart, then Pillow Talk just may be the way forward. But I’m talking vomit-inducing sweetness here, so strap in. This little gadget lets you hear your partner’s heartbeat, wherever they are in the world. You each wear a watch that picks up your heartbeat and lets them hear it through a little speaker under their pillow. I told you it was over the top. But, hey, if you have trouble sleeping alone, this could be a huge comfort. 

3. We-Vibe Moxie

If you’re feeling a little lonely in the bedroom but you still want it to be all about you, then the We-Vibe Moxie is here to help. In fact, this incredible (and powerful) clit stimulator is wearable, so you can take it anywhere with you — time to add some excitement to your trip to the grocery store. What makes it perfect for long-distance is the We-Connect app, which means your partner can control all of its 10 settings from anywhere. It’s a whole lot of fun in a small package. 

4. We-Vibe Melt

Looking for something a little different from your clit stimulation? Try the We-Vibe Melt. Your partner can control it through the app, just like the Moxie, but the Melt uses air pressure and suction for some truly heightened sensations. You’ve got some great options. 

5. Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

For another gadget that falls into the way too cute category, look no further than the Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger. You can send your partner a message through an app and the heart on their magical little box starts spinning. Once they open the box, they can see your message. It's like a little love letter arriving in person, at the push of a button.

6. Hey Bracelet

Sometimes tech is at its best when it keeps things simple — and the Hey Bracelet definitely keeps things simple. This little duo aims to mimic human touch, by sending your partner a little “squeeze” whenever you want. If you like to just let each other know that you’re thinking of them and are missing that physical connection, this is a great way to recreate it. You touch the bracelet, they get a squeeze, and vice versa. It’s that simple. 

7. A-Play Vibe Beginner Plug

Looking for something saucier? The A-Play line does a lot of remote-controlled butt plugs, whether you’re an experienced player in the anal game or just looking to try it out for the first time. The A-Play Vibe Beginner Plug is great if you’re just getting started. Just remember the first rule of anal play: lube. More lube than you think. In fact, just all of the lube in the land. Lube brings everything closer together, which is exactly what we all need right now. 

It may not be the same as having your partner in the same room as you, but these little gadgets will have to do for now. Whether you’re looking to reconnect emotionally, physically, or, you know — clitorally — there are definitely ways to make that happen. Thank god for technology. 

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