Bellesa launching Bellesa Taco - fast-casual taco restaurant chain in US and Canada.

By The Bellesa Team

April 1, 2021

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA--(NEWSWIRE)-- Bellesa, the premier destination for all things female sexuality, is taking a step out of sex tech in order to launch a bonafide taco restaurant chain, Bellesa Taco, in partnership with international restauranting powerhouse, BeanFlik Multinational.

Following the successful launch of their adult streaming service, Bellesa Plus, on which users can pay literally whatever price they want for porn, erotica, sex ed, and more, Bellesa has decided to diversify their offering even further.

Of this unorthodox business decision, CEO, Michelle Shnaidman said: “When Bellesa launched Bellesa Boutique in 2018, our trademark merch was a t-shirt that said: ‘Tacos, Orgasms, Social Justice’. At Bellesa, we call these: The Sex Positive Holy Trinity. It wasn’t a matter of if we opened a taco chain, but when.”

At Bellesa Taco, patrons can make their own tacos or choose from a menu with items named after some of Bellesa’s favourite sex positive queens - such as the plant-based Crispy Teigen, the Lady Gaga’s Meat Dressed Quesadilla, the Beyonce “If You Liked It Then You Should Have Put Some Guac On It” Burrito and, our personal favourite, the Ariana Grande Thank You Next Taco Combo  (which is basically just unlimited tacos because let’s be real, you’re a bad binch who deserves as many damn tacos as you so please).

With your delicious meal, you can also choose to buy some of Bellesa Boutique’s bestselling sex toys at 25% off with code TACO. Such as the BuzzFeed AirVibe, Aurora by Bellesa or the Luvli Ditto 2

Bellesa Taco’s mascot is a woman in her late twenties watching Bridgerton on her couch, braless in an oversized hoodie. 

The slightly nippy mascot added: “Wendy’s is invited to come chill any time. I’m thinking of starting RuPaul’s Drag Race UK next.”



The #1 rated sex toy boutique on Google (33k+ reviews). BBoutique (Bellesa Boutique)’s carefully curated collection includes sex toys, vibrators, dildos, couples toys, and more. Bellesa’s mission is to empower women to embrace, explore and celebrate their sexuality-- unapologetically.

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About Bellesa is an adult entertainment website for women - one that is shifting the landscape of one of the most provocative industries on the planet. Bellesa was created as the answer to the question: “If adult entertainment were created in the vision of a woman since day one- forgetting all of the frameworks, norms and scripts- what would that look like?"

Established in 2017 by Michelle Shnaidman, Bellesa has grown into the most visited porn website for women globally. The online community includes Bellesa Plus: the Netflix of Porn with 50+ premium ethical porn channels including Bellesa’s female-run studios (Bellesa House, Bellesa Films), along with free adult videos on, erotic fiction, Sex Ed articles, and a #1 rated sex toy store BBoutique (Bellesa Boutique).

Bellesa’s mission is empowerment. Their platform breaks down the barriers around female-centered sexuality by changing the way that sex is represented online. Women don’t come to Bellesa to hide under their sheets. They come to celebrate their sexuality…unapologetically.

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