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8 creative ways to celebrate Mother's Day during Covid

By Maya Khamala

With May just around the corner, it’s hard not to seize on the fact that we’re coming up on our second pandemic Mother’s Day. Yeah, it’s hard—particularly if you’ve got a mom in your life you’d love nothing more than to celebrate in person (and you don’t happen to live under the same roof). While some of us—mothers and daughters alike—have been fortunate enough to get their first vaccines, uncertainty and risk remain at the helm as we head into year two.

All of that said, the ongoing need for physical distancing doesn’t have to suck the sentiment out of celebrating your mom. While spa days and brunch reservations are still a glimmer of hope for the future, Mother’s Day is anything but cancelled. You just have to be willing to get creative with what you can do.

Wherever in the world you both may be, I offer you 8 creative ways to celebrate Mother's Day during Covid:

1. Outdoor/virtual brunch

If you enjoy cooking and live nearby, prep a delicious brunch for the two of you and deliver hers to her doorstep—or else support a local restaurant and have them deliver the food right to her door so you can eat ’n chat together via Zoom. Or—if the weather’s nice and you live close enough to meet up in a park, a field, or one of your backyards, have yourself a physically distanced, gorgeous outdoor brunch.

2. Create a family album as a tribute

Get every member of your family to choose their favourite family photos—both new and old—and write little notes about why they they love your mom. It may be easier if you collect digital copies of everything. Then, turn them into a little booklet, send them off to print, and deliver them to your mom. She may shed a tear at this one.

3. Drive-by hi

Pull out all the stops decorating your car, complete with a huge “Happy Mother’s Day” or “I love you mom” sign, and then drive by her place, honking your horn. When she comes out (and hopefully starts laughing), have yourself a heart to heart, and slip her any other gift you’ve managed to conjure—all without leaving your car.

4. Guerrilla gardening

If you and your mom have gardening in common and live in relatively close proximity, why not engage in a little guerrilla gardening? While your mom’s asleep, plant some new flowers in her garden (or any other plant she might love), and slip a heartfelt card through her door—or write a giant message on her driveway with sidewalk chalk. She’ll have a beautiful morning waking up to such a thoughtful gesture.

5. A good, old-fashioned phone call

Sometimes, especially in the era we’re living in, phone calls are more focused and intimate than video calls. Maybe it’s because we, as a species, don’t chat on the phone sans visuals as much as we used to. Especially if you live far away from your mom, pick up the phone and tell her you love her and can’t wait to give her a hug IRL.

6. Family game night

I know Zoom fatigue is real, but if you’re fam is scattered far and wide, what better time is there, really, to jump on a group call. She’ll feel special that you took the time to arrange it. Once the initial conversation is waning, why not make a night out of it by playing a bunch of virtual games? I guarantee there’ll be lots of laughing—because games are fun, and life is absurd. Pictionary, anyone?

7. Mother-daughter movie night

You don’t have to share the same couch or box of Kleenex to watch Fried Green Tomatoes or Beaches (or any other movie your mom happens to love). Plan a movie date with your mom: she picks the flick, and you watch it at the same time—apart yet together. You could keep her on the phone if you’re both the kind to comment on movies, or else sandwich the film between two phone calls. You could also share your screen via Zoom and watch the movie that way.

8. Virtual cocktail hour

What better time is there to toast the woman who birthed and raised you? Even if you’re doing it via video conferencing, raise your glass high in honor of your mom. Plan it in advance so you both have everything you need to make your favorite cocktails on hand (if you live close by, you could deliver your mom’s fave wine or cocktail ingredients in advance). Then, you know, just talk to your mom—she that pushed you into this world. Or play a drinking game. Or break out the knitting and knit-talk together. It all depends on the unique connection you share with your unique mother.

Wishing y’all an inspired Mother’s Day 2021—may we all hug ’n kiss in real life ASAP. <3

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