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Episode 17: Period Sex, Daddy Issues, and the (Racist) American Dream with Dr. Donna Oriowo

By The Bellesa Team

Balls Deep: April 23rd, 2021

Holy Blue Balls it’s the 17th episode! This week on Balls Deep, Rachel is sick (sad!), Arielle christened her apartment, and the co-hosts schmooze about casting adult actors as teens, cancelling Colton Underwood, and having period sex. The girls get Balls Deep into Pinky (the disposable dog poo bag for periods), the link between drugs and kinky behavior, and new research on techniques for making vaginal penetration more pleasurable.

Next up, sex and relationships therapist Dr. Donna Oriowo joins the pod for an enlightening conversation on the impact colorism and texturism have on Black women’s mental and sexual health. The author of Cocoa Butter and Grease: A Self Love Journey Through Hair and Skin, Dr. Donna breaks down racist sexual scripts and how to rise above them.

Okay, so a caller explains that since they started using sex toys they can no longer orgasm in anyone’s mouth and needs help to fix it, and another listener needs help settling a household argument — are butt plugs for aesthetic or function? Got a question? Call us at 8555-OKAYSO.

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