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Love and lust with a Leo

By Maya Khamala

One can gain a lot of valuable perspective by looking up at the sky, no matter the weather or time of day. The stars can be particularly illuminating. Let’s face it: in matters of lust and love, we could all use a fresh perspective now and then. But while not even the stars can know all the possibility for transformation that lies within us (FYI you’d need a full chart reading for that sort of mind-boggling accuracy), the wisdom they do hold just might help you see more clearly. If you’re in a love and/or sex situation with a fiery lion born under the sign of Leo (July 23-August 22), it helps to understand what turns your partner’s crank, how to best engage with their style of communicating, and the surefire ways of driving them wild. Of course, your own sign will influence the choices you make and the dynamics you create too, but that’s a story for another day.

Here are a few of the most sensually significant Leo traits to be aware of:

Sex is highly creative…and sometimes demanding

Sex with a Leo is a lot of fun—to say the least. Naturally dominant, they typically like to take charge, and they don’t shy away from getting their creative juices (ahem) flowing. Born performers, they love the excitement of ‘putting on a show.’ Leos like sex to be playful, and are drawn to scenarios involving role-play, costumes, mirrors, video shoots, and really, anything that sets a unique or adventurous ambiance. If you’re up for the adventure, you may have met your match. If you like things more low key, it can be a challenge keeping your Leo entertained. Leos tend to be very turned on by both your appearance and their own; they can always go for more appreciation, attention, and affection.

If you’re on the same page as your lusty Leo and appreciate a little show(wo)manship, take your time to titillate their mind by removing your clothes slowly, with flair, and maybe even giving them a striptease or a lap dance—sustaining eye contact all the while. Summon your creative skills and your shiny confidence to bring out the pleasure in them, but also in yourself.

Roaringly romantic…for the right one

In addition to embodying fire between the sheets, being in love is the natural state of being for a Leo. They are romantic, sweet, and relish catering to their chosen partner’s every desire. Courtship is extremely important to Leos, as is being chased by the one they want. A Leo wants to imagine they are the irresistible lead in a rom com. But they have to feel valued and appreciated by their partner before they're inspired to make sweet, kinky love.

Just as you’ll never light a Leo’s erotic fire without the right props and the right setting, the same is true outside of the bedroom, in the lead-up. Think champagne and a walk on the beach, long stares, and suggestive smiles—all with violins playing amorously in the background. Take your Leo out on the town (or let them take you) before you try getting in their shorts. Think of your entire date as foreplay, and you can’t go wrong. Genuine romancing makes a Leo glow, positively. Oh, and don’t forget to bear your heart, because they value big hearts just as much if not more than they value your good looks.

Foreplay is famous…but only if they choose you

Although Leos have a reputation for being very sexually generous, they can also be very selfish in bed if they’re not that into you. Harsh, it’s true. With someone they want to be with, however, they’ll give their all in the realm of foreplay—and beyond. In fact, Leos love a real sense of occasion when it comes to getting it on; they don’t like sex to be rushed or brief, so quickies are usually not much of a thing.

The best thing you can do to make sure you’re appropriately valued by your Leo is to make sure you really value them. Hopefully the feeling is mutual. If it is, you’ll probably never look back. If it’s not, you may need to check your self-worth somewhere along the way and reevaluate your relationship.

Passionate…and dramatic too

Leos are passionate by nature and desire frequent touch: this includes fervent kissing, caressing, massaging…and exploring. The flip side of Leo’s passion, however, is a well-developed sense of drama, which can make for somewhat of a roller coaster ride at times. Believe it or not, they thrive on a bit of emotional turmoil in their love affairs—a bit of breaking up and making up, and doing it all again. In fact, it’s how they keep the passion roaring and avoid the monotony of routine.

If you’re schtupping a Leo, you’ll want to match their excitement in bed—but it’s not enough to simply feel it; this is a partner that needs you to show your intensity. If you’re used to feeling you should tone down the drama or the supercharged arousal with other partners, note that the opposite is the case with a Leo. If you’re a good match, this will have you breathing a sigh of relief.

Loyal…but jealous

If a Leo has chosen you, expect next-level loyalty. But—know that they expect it to be fully reciprocal. When they feel loved and valued (and worshipped, even), Leos happen to be one of the most sexually committed of all the signs. However, they are extremely sensitive to perceived sleights, and prone to intense jealousy if a partner’s attention is inconsistent in any way. If you betray their trust and wound their ego by being unfaithful, they won’t think twice about cheating as revenge.

If you’re a flirt, you might want to rein it in for the sake of your Leo, as they tend to perceive flirting as emotional betrayal. Meanwhile, full-on sexual infidelity is a bonafide catastrophe for them. At the very least, have an adult conversation about boundaries, expectations, and what constitutes disrespect—for both of you. Some Leos may be attracted to experimental romantic/sexual partnerships as well: as long as there is loyalty and trust between you, any arrangement is possible with your big, brash cat.

Bottom line: treat your fire-hungry Leo with love and adoration, and you’re in for the romantic roller coaster of a lifetime—an orgasmic one at that. Leos are attracted to partners who are unconventional, visionary, and a touch wild—someone they can show off, and who is interested in breaking the mold.

When it comes to compatibility, Leo’s sexual persona meshes well with Aries, Sagittarius, and Aquarius, while Gemini and Libra get honorable mentions. No matter what your sign, though, if your heart’s in the right place, you and your lusty Leo love just might conquer the odds.

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