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Water sex 101: how to do it right (without any unfortunate mishaps)

By Maya Khamala

The dog days of summer are upon us, which means the heat is still on—but if we look to the horizon, the fall now appears an inevitable outcome. This combination of influences tends to make bodies of water look particularly thirst-quenching. And by thirst-quenching, I mean irresistible to lovers in search of new ways to get it on and get off and make love and fuck and all that jazz (jizz). After all, there’s something about water sex that smacks of living life to the fullest, grabbing adventure by the horns, and diving headfirst into heightened intimacy—all at once.

All of this said, when it comes to sex in the water, it’s important to be aware of risks, like the possibility of slipping, falling, or drowning. Real talk. There’s also the risk of developing an infection, or possibly getting caught breaking the law. But if you and your partner are ready and willing to inform yourselves about the, um…ins and outs of water sex, there’s no reason you can’t soon commence with the underwater exploring.

Here’s what you should know about the most common types of water sex:


Flowering in the shower

If you have a shower large enough for two, shower sex offers a great opportunity to explore standing positions. Not to mention, the stream of water may not have a very wide reach, forcing you and your partner to move in real close. Alternatively, if you want to ensure both of you can stand in warm water, you might use a double shower head. To up your stability factor, try positioning one person’s back (or front) up against the wall before you slide and collide with one another. Use a detachable shower head to provide each other with extra stimulation and pleasure. Shower sex also happens to be perfectly suited to epic masturbation. Experiment with using your shower head to sensually massage your nipples, labia, and clitoris.

Hot tips:

- The main precaution with sex in the shower is being careful not to slip: you might consider using an anti-slip shower mat and a grab bar for extra traction and stability, and avoiding the use of slip-slidey oils.

- Whether paired or solo, be sure not to spray water inside your pussy—this can screw up your natural pH levels and cause an infection.

Rubbing in a tub

If you have a bathtub that's actually big enough for two, you might think of tub sex as a potential relaxed, candlelit version of shower sex. Lay back, submerge yourself, and merge with warmth, if you know what I mean. Tub sex can be an incredible great way to get closer (both physically and emotionally) to your partner, and it offers you and your partner the option of either sitting or laying down. Remember, sex in your bathtub (much like sex anywhere) never limits you to fully submerged sex. You might also try perching on the edge of the tub while your partner goes down on you (or vice versa).

Hot tips:

- To reduce your risk of developing a urinary tract infection, avoid adding bubbles, bath salts, or oils to the water.

- If you or your partner has a yeast infection, hold off on water sex until it has fully cleared up to avoid passing it on and perpetuating a back-and-forth infection cycle.

A pool of your own making

Pools are a real step up from your shower or bath when it comes to spaciousness and buoyancy. If the deep end is a bit much, start out exploring one another in the shallow end. To allow for maximal frontal stimulation, have your partner sit on the stairs while you might wrap your legs around their shoulders and float on your back. Make it extra fun ‘n flirty by integrating toys for better flotation: noodles, donuts—whatever works. When engaging in pool sex, however, always be aware that as with any sex that occurs where you’re submerged in water, there is the risk of getting an infection. This is a very good reason not to get it on in a public pool (gross, seriously).

Hot tips:

- I repeat, don’t try your luck in a public pool. Not only are personal pools usually cleaner, they’re also more private—and you won’t have to worry about scarring an innocent bystander or having someone call the cops on you.

Hotness in a hot tub

For those with small bathtubs, a hot tub can serve as a fun alternative. Not to mention, those magic jet streams can provide all manner of magnificent massage to really up that arousal factor, ‘nam sayin’? So go to town incorporating them into a little foreplay action. Bonus: many hot tubs have ledges and seats perfectly designed to offer support for a number of different positions. Try facing your partner and straddling them while they’re sitting. Then, slowly rock yourself to a gorgeous climax.

Hot tips:

- No matter what you heard, hot tub sex does not prevent pregnancy, so don’t abandon your contraceptive method(s) of choice. You heard it here first.

- Hot water and chlorine can cause a condom to deteriorate, or even break, so make sure you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to both birth control and STI prevention.

A natural body in a natural body

Having sex in a natural body of water like an ocean, river, or lake can be truly exhilarating, and depending where you are, offers a good deal of privacy too. There are endless reasons to be turned on at the mere possibility of open water sex, but the wonderment of being one with nature in the great outdoors sums it up pretty well. If the water is deep, and the area is private, try laying face up on an inner tube or raft while your partner takes advantage of the water's gentle flow to move their body in line with yours.

Hot tips:

- Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing if the water is going to be clean, or if it has parasites, so find out as much as you can about the cleanliness of the water before giving it a go.

- To be sure you’re not breaking that pesky old thing known as the law, try to opt for a sheltered body of water on private land. Alternatively, find an area that’s shallow enough to stand up in, but far enough that no one can see what you’re getting up to.

Bonus tips

- As always, penetrative sex is not your only option, so explore! You may even find that what gets you off in the water is different from what you crave in your bedroom.

- Water-based lubricants rinse off easily, and water is not a suitable lubricant, so always be sure to have a silicone-based lube on hand—a difference-maker.

- Condoms still work in cooler, non-chlorinated water—just be sure to put it on before stepping in to avoid unnecessary friction and slippage.

- Tempting as it may be to fall into bed once you’re done, always take the time to clean off, go pee, and rehydrate.

Bottom line: water sex can be incredibly arousing—elemental, even. Of course, as with any sex act, just be sure to discuss potential risks and concerns beforehand so you share an understanding of what to expect, and what to avoid doing.

Here’s to a summer of eternal wetness for all. <3

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