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Bellesa Announces Launch of "OnlyFans Alternative" on Bellesa Plus Streaming Platform

By The Bellesa Team

August 19 2021

Bellesa Plus is the top porn streaming service in the world - featuring unlimited full length 4K porn from 50+ studios, exclusive sex toy deals, erotica, sex ed and more - all ethically sourced.

LOS ANGELES - On the heels of OnlyFans announcing the blocking of sexually explicit video content beginning October 2021, Bellesa confirms plans that they will be launching a new Creators Platform on Bellesa Plus dedicated to supporting sex workers and video content creators. 

Bellesa Plus, Bellesa’s Netflix of Porn streaming service, rose to prominence following its launch in December of 2020 as part of a marketing campaign with Cardi B. In February of 2021, Bellesa Plus unveiled its “Pay What You Want” payment plan that allows users to pay what they want for ethical porn. With its feature set continuously expanding, including the introduction of new reality TV porn series, speculation about an OnlyFans Alternative within the platform has grown stronger. 

“Building a platform on the backs of sex workers and then leaving said sex workers high and dry- it’s a tale as old as time,” states Michelle Shnaidman, CEO and Founder of Bellesa. “We at Bellesa are deeply dedicated to both the empowerment of content creators and the destimatization of sex work”. 

The new Creators Platform will launch on Bellesa Plus in Fall 2021. Content creators will be able to earn money (and tips) from users who subscribe to their content on Bellesa Plus, placing the power in the hands of creators. 

Bellesa has continued to emphasize its focus on investing directly into performers, exemplified by their BIPOC Creators Program whereby there is a monthly investment of $20,000 towards the funding of projects from BIPOC creators. 

“Sex work is work. It’s a shame that decisions like this are being made for investment viability. I’m proud to work with a company that truly values and supports the people who create the content that almost every adult sitting at home consumes,” says Jacky St. James, Director of Bellesa House and Bellesa Blind Date.

Content Creators can reserve their spot on Bellesa Plus by entering their email here.


About Bellesa Boutique

The #1 rated sex toy boutique on Google (35k+ reviews). BBoutique (Bellesa Boutique)’s carefully curated collection includes sex toys, vibrators, dildos, couples toys, and more. Bellesa’s mission is to empower women to embrace, explore and celebrate their sexuality-- unapologetically.

For more information please visit bboutique.co   

About Bellesa Plus

Bellesa.co is an adult entertainment website for women - one that is shifting the landscape of one of the most provocative industries on the planet. Bellesa was created as the answer to the question: “If adult entertainment were created in the vision of a woman since day one- forgetting all of the frameworks, norms and scripts- what would that look like?"

Established in 2017 by Michelle Shnaidman, Bellesa has grown into the most visited porn website for women globally. The online community features free adult videos, videos from Bellesa’s female-run studios (Bellesa House, Bellesa Blind Date, Bellesa Films), erotic fiction, Sex Ed articles, as well as sex toy store BBoutique (Bellesa Boutique).

Bellesa’s mission is empowerment. Their platform breaks down the barriers around female-centered sexuality by changing the way that sex is represented online. Women don’t come to Bellesa to hide under their sheets. They come to celebrate their sexuality…unapologetically.

For more information please visit bellesaplus.co (NSFW)



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