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Love and lust with a Libra

By Maya Khamala

Those bright portals of ceaseless light holding space in the night sky are a source of wisdom to us human animals, if we choose to acknowledge them. Goddess knows that in matters of lust and love, we could all use a little guidance. And while no one is limited by the precepts of their astrological identity, there’s a wellspring of illuminating insight to be gathered by starry eyed lovers of learning.

Take those purported scales of balance born under the airy sign of Libra, between September 23 to October 22. If you’re in a relationship with one, why not capitalize on any chance to better understand what gets their juices flowing; how to get their full attention; and the best way to blow their minds and rock their worlds?

Here I offer you a few of the most remarkably ribald traits belonging to your Libra lover:

Romantic…and sometimes codependent

Libras are bonafide hopeless romantics who make it their mission in life to find their better half. Libras are governed by Venus—which means they won’t hesitate to jump headfirst into relationships or marriage if they think they’ve found ‘the one.’ They simply find life more satisfying when shared with a partner. Because of this tendency, however, some Libras are a bit on the co-dependent side, and they sometimes give more than they get.

If your lover’s a Libra, be romantic in bed. In other words, extensive and loving foreplay is their cup of tea, so don't skimp on the close kissing, sensual touching, or erotic feeling about. They won’t be able to resist such behavior. Libras love romantic strolls in nature too, and spontaneous sexual adventures, so you’d do well to dream up a scenario combining these. If you’ve ever been told you’re a touch on the dramatic side, there’s no need to hide it from your Libra. Although they ultimately yearn for harmony, they’re also attracted to a bit of drama—so long as there’s a resolution that leads to deeper romantic intimacy. 

Harmony…at the cost of clarity

Libras are known for their charisma and good manners, though sometimes at the cost of honesty and directness. Your typical Libra would prefer to keep the peace ’n harmony (at least on the surface) than come off as rude. This can lead them to some classically indecisive behavior, where they weigh issues forever without being able to arrive at an answer. As a result, knowing where you stand with your Libran love interest or what they want sexually can be confusing at times.

If your shacked up with a harmony-at-heart Libran, strong communication skills are a major asset. No one’s saying you should be the one to parse things out and do all the emotional labour, but possessing an ability to cut through the shit (as it were) and get straight to the heart of a given matter can go a long way toward deepening your connection with a Libra.

Kinky…within reason

Libras can easily fluctuate between passive and dominant behavior in bed. They're not against getting a bit kinky with role-playing games, as long as they don't go too overboard (they’ll find manipulative mind games a big turnoff). But a little hair-pulling, some spanking, a dash of dirty talk—this light brand of kink is all fair game. They like it a tad rough, at times, but any real aggression is too over-the-top. Libra doesn’t tend to get off on playing rough.

Be adventurous with your Libra in bed. There’s no need to overthink with them. They love bold, surprising sex in different positions and locations. The only reason to hesitate would be if you tend to like it very rough. If this is the case, simply talk to your Libra—their innate inner balance may help you reach a harmonious compromise. In fact, talking openly about sexual desires is one of Libra’s favorite pastimes, and a great way to turn them on.

A balance of give & take

Libras love to satisfy their lovers very generously, and they like reciprocity in this regard, as anything less lacks fairness and equality. But they also value a strong mental connection and good communication just as much—if not more—than sexual desire. Most Libras desire not just a lover, but a best friend. Give and take, friend and lover—like two sides of a scale, the aspect of balance is fundamental to a Libra’s way of being.

If your love is a Libra, return their generous lovemaking by giving back the pleasure they give you. If you’re well-matched, this will never feel like a chore. Whatever you do, never get so comfortable with your Libra’s large capacity for giving that you expect it all the time, or that you don’t return the love. This is a good way to push them away, slowly but surely. Instead, build a harmonious rhythm with your Libra, an orgasmic dance of give and take that sends you both skyward.

Naturally flirty

Sometimes, Libra’s extreme indecisiveness can lead them to commit to monogamy while still craving occasional bouts of intense promiscuity. They’re natural flirts, which can cause issues if you’re the jealous type. Don’t let their flirtatiousness give you the wrong idea, though. They’re charming and friendly with almost everyone, and it usually doesn’t mean they wanna bed the person on the receiving end. A Libra will rarely endanger a happy relationship by cheating…at least not physically. If they cheat, it’ll most likely take the form of mental or intellectual infidelity, though this only tends to occur when they feel they're not getting enough intellectual stimulation.

You can’t control anyone else’s behavior, regardless of their astrological sign. That said, when in love and lust with a Libra, check in with yourself regularly so you never feel like you’ve lost touch—y’know, with you. This is not only a good way to check your own level of codependence, but it can also be a great way to hone in on the truth of a situation, and help you better communicate with your partner so don’t find yourself in a relationship that causes you anxiety. 

Bottom line: treat your romantic ’n flirty Libra like the treasure they are, and the rest will follow. Where there’s a meaningful connection, you’re sure to uncover deeper links of body and mind with your Libran partner.

As far as compatibility goes, no one does Libra better than Aries, Gemini and Aquarius, with honorary mentions going to Leo and Sagittarius, but no matter what your sign, lusty love conquers all, so if it's worth it, you’ll be the first to know!

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