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5 creative ways to celebrate a sexy Halloween in 2021

By Maya Khamala

This post-Covid (yet still totally Covid) 2021 has paved the way for a strange kind of in-between Halloween—if ya know what I mean. While for some, Halloween is going to remain just as homebound and/or low-key as it was last year, others among us are planning to break out of our shells and hit a party, a night club, or even a dungeon—perhaps exchanging one kind of mask for another, at least temporarily. All of this depends, of course, on pandemic protocols wherever you happen to live, your vaccination status, your health status, your family’s health status, and not least of all, your comfort level. We humans have lots to consider when undertaking even the simplest of activities, it seems.

Here’s the good news: no matter what your situation, life is still fundamentally full of possibility, and no matter what kind of mood you’re in this October, there are ample ways to celebrate!

I hereby offer you 5 creative ways you can have a respectably spine-chilling—and thoroughly sexy—Halloween 2021:

1. Embrace the craft within.

Whether you’re spending All Hallows' Eve alone, with a partner, or with friends, the day of the jack-o’-lantern offers some epic opportunities for creative craftiness. If you’re going out with friends, consider having them over first for a little pumpkin-carving contest. Or—if it’s just the two of you at home for the night with a list of your favorite slasher films to watch between fistfuls of forbidden candy (it’s only once a year, right?), consider taking a break from the screen to carve several pumpkins each: a few for the kids who climb your front steps to trick or treat, and a couple of naughtier creations for your eyes only. Here’s some inspiration...and then some. Either free-hand a design or print out one of the many templates floating found online. Sometimes getting those creative juices flowing is the perfect segue to getting those other, baser juices flowing too. Nudge, wink.

2. Get all dressed up even if you have no place to go.

If you’re in a relationship, consider coming up with a couple of fun ’n sexy costumes that help you both express your innermost wild side. Goddess knows this will probably be therapeutic after the last two years we’ve all had. Get sexy—your best and favorite and most original version of sexy, that is—whatever that means to you. Maybe you’re a neon green superhero in a mini skirt and your man (or your gal) is Axl Rose for the night. Find what feels good. Go out and wow the folks on the dance floor or at the house party. And then, before you’re totally spent, return home to disrobe one another and shag like the nasty ghouls that you are. If you’re single or meeting friends, the same idea stands, only instead of the quicktime shagging, you might catch a handsome stranger’s eye from across a crowded room—or something. Simply put, be open to the magic in the air.

3. Create erotic content.

Maybe you’re a writer of erotica, an amateur (or pro) porn performer, a cam model—or maybe you simply relish getting in touch with your exhibitionist side. Let, me tell you, Halloween is the perfect occasion. If you’re home alone, the interweb is your oyster. You might make a couple of new additions to your OnlyFans stream, for instance, replacing your usual attire for some witchy black latex and some over-the-top makeup. Or—you might get uber creative and build a sexy scene around a spooky Halloween-inspired scenario (maybe you discover that the only way to protect yourself from the ghosts haunting your house is to masturbate without pause, or maybe a witch has placed a hex on you that forbids you from covering up a, um, particular body part). Then, film it as it unfolds, or do a little photo shoot. If you're with your SO, you can easily turn this into a kinky role-play/ foreplay session! If you write erotica, consider writing some seasonal smut for the world to enjoy.

4. Explore a new kink

For anyone with a romantic and/or sexual partner who has been wanting to try something new in the sack, this one’s for you. After all, why not honor the spirit of Halloween by facing your minor, niggling fears? If you’re up for it and it feels right, take advantage of the holiday to try that thing you’ve been hesitating to try in spite of a persistent desire to do so. Better yet, do it in costume. Maybe you want to try anal for the first time, or explore some light bondage, or invite a third party into your boudoir. Whatever your fantasy or fetish, know this: it is only a good idea if communication is strong, consent is clear, you stay sober, have a safeword, and only explore new territory with someone you trust.

5. Go Halloween tripping

And, no, I don’t mean drop acid, though we’re all adults here, so just be sure to proceed with caution if that’s your jam. But no, I’m talking ‘bout another kind of tripping. Since Halloween this year falls on a weekend, why not make a unique  li’l voyage of it? Maybe a romantic weekend getaway in a small-town B&B bedecked with corn, pumpkins, and scarecrows is the way to go. Or maybe a destination with a bonafide Halloween connection is worthy of your attention. Perhaps a historical tour of the witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts, is calling you, or you’ve always wanted to take a trip to Sleepy Hollow, New York, home of the headless horseman. Or maybe a town or city near you offers a Halloween-themed walking tour where participants wander the streets, stopping to hear spooky stories. Or, finally, if you’ve got a yard and some kindling, perhaps a campfire, a few flirty friends, and some good old fashioned ghost stories is exactly your kind of trip this year. Better yet—make sexy costumes a prerequisite for attendance.

Bottom line: at its best, Halloween is a celebration of wild imaginations everywhere, and expressing one’s inner sense of the erotic has long been central to unleashing creative potential. No matter what you do to celebrate this year, why not find some way (be it big or small) to make contact with your supernaturally sexy side? You can thank me later.

Happy Halloween! <3

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