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Costumes Role Play 101: Guide to Halloween Roleplay

By Jayne Renault

Halloween is right around the corner! Make the most of your spooky season costume this year by rolling it into your roleplay fantasies.

What is sexual roleplay?

Whether you’ve done it before or not, you’ve probably got an idea of what this kind of roleplay entails. We’ve all seen the sexy and silly representations in TV shows with characters trying to spice things up in the bedroom by surprising their partner with a costume. There are plenty of porn tropes that draw on exaggerating common, familiar societal roles. From the innocent and bratty schoolgirls to the stern authority figures, there are plenty of characters to choose from to get out of your head and into a sexy new zone.

Roleplay is about stroking everyone’s biggest sex organ: the brain. The idea is to incite or enhance sexual arousal by putting you into a new state of mind. The freedom to be someone else, the thrill of holding a different position in the power dynamic with your partner, even the low hum of nerves for feeling silly or embarrassed about playing make-believe as an adult -- all of it adds to the sweet sexual tension between you and your scene partner. Not to mention, that kind of exploration and willingness to be vulnerable with each other can create new pathways of intimacy in your relationship.

It gives you the permission to explore

Assuming a role allows you to explore other aspects of the power dynamics and habits you play out. It gives you permission to be something other than what you know yourself to be. Maybe this new role is more submissive than who you are in the office. Or maybe it’s a more assertive one. 

What does it feel like to be the one who calls the shots, or to let someone else take over entirely? Chalking it up to the character you’re playing gives an extra cushion of permission while you explore. You’re just trying on the role, after all. When the scene is over, you can decide if it was a good fit for you or if you’d like to try a different one next time.

It’s a safe way to play out fantasies

It can take you out of your comfort zone or provide a welcome escape from reality. And like reading some hot, taboo erotic fiction or weaving a streamy fantasy in your head, all of this happens within the security of a safe place and a trusting relationship 

Remember, this is pure fantasy. As long as no one’s personal boundaries are being crossed and everyone involved is having a great time, it’s fair game. Don’t overthink the “appropriateness” of it if your scene were to play out in real life. Sure, it wouldn’t be appropriate for your boss to demand sexual favours of you at the office, but it can be dang hot to explore the taboo of a scenario like that privately, with someone you trust.

Here are some tips to get started on your Halloween role play adventure:

1. Talk about it ahead of time.

Don’t spring it on your partner in the heat of the moment. It helps to be able to mentally prepared for something like this. On top of that, you can make the mental prep a part of the fun. Get into character earlier in the day or at your Halloween party to build the anticipation leading up to your alone time together later.

2. Set your terms and boundaries.

Just because you’re going outside your comfort zone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel safe in the scene.

3. Pick a safeword.

You may not be doing anything high impact or physically risky, but a safeword is for more than that. Discomfort can go beyond the physical. Having that safeguard will add to everyone’s peace of mind, to use in the case of feeling psychologically uncomfortable.

4. Declare the bedroom (or whatever space you’re in) a judgement-free zone for the duration of your playtime.

You’re partners! Being able to get vulnerable and silly with your partner takes courage and will ultimately deepen your connection. And by nature, a deeper connection will enhance pleasure and orgasm potential. Just saying.

5. Give yourself permission to be silly. Not everyone is a natural actor and as adults, a lot of us have lost the ease of playing make-believe. But this is supposed to be fun! Move past the fears of looking silly. You might be surprised what hot discoveries you make about yourself and your partner when you do.

And here are some of our fave costumes and characters for you to consider this Halloween season:

Vampire / Human -- Oh, the forbidden love between a deadly predator and their feisty prey! Bonus points if you invite a werewolf friend in and make it a devil’s threesome à la Twilight

Stripper  / Client -- Who doesn’t love an excuse to wear those super high heels you love but rarely see the light outside your closet, flaunt their stuff. And you decide if and when your client gets to touch the goods. 

Batman / Catwoman -- Don’t forget, Batman DOES go down on his partner. That’s canon.

Strangers (any costume can work here!)  --  One of the most popular roleplay scenarios of all. Recreating the thrill of meeting someone for the first time, getting to know someone new, figuring out how to seduce them and learning what makes them tick, all with someone you already know and trust? Yes please.

Doctor or Nurse / Patient -- A classic that can allow you to explore the more nurturing side of power plays.

Fanfic Ships -- Choose your favourite fictional characters and play out how you think it should have gone down between them…

Dom/me / Sub -- All role play scenarios take on some degree of a kink dynamic, but if you want to delve into the more classic leather and chains looks often associated with BDSM play and the kink community, have at ‘er! 

Freaky Friday -- See and feel yourself through your partner’s eyes. Dress up and play the role of each other. 

Teacher / Student -- Probably the most stereotyped option on the list. But it’s popular for a reason! 

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