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Love & lust with a Sagittarius

By Maya Khamala

Whether you pay them heed or not, those glowing beacons in the dark night are a potential source of valuable information to us humanfolk. And great goddess knows that in matters of lust and love, we could all use a little celestial guidance. Or, like a lot. And while nobody is actually restricted or deterred by the edicts of their astro-identity, there is a hot spring of immersive insight to be had by willing students of the stars.

Take that adventurous archer born under the fiery sign of Sagittarius, between November 22 to December 21. If you’re in a sexual and/or romantic relationship with one, why not benefit from the opportunity to understand them more deeply? Y’know, find out what gets their flower blooming; their rocket launching; or their coyote howling—‘nam sayin’?

Here I offer you a few of the most roguishly enticing traits associated with your Sagittarius SO:

Free-spirited and playful…sometimes casually so

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and therefore cannot be contained. They believe sex can and should happen anyplace, anytime, and anyway. Wildly imaginative, Sagittarius is among the most graceful, artistic and passionate lovers. The sex is never anything less than an adventure. Humor and playfulness are crucial to a Sag’s idea of foreplay, as they love sex toys and games. But Sagittarius’s free-spirited ways also make them lovers of freedom and independence; they hate feeling stifled or trapped in a relationship. In spite of their downright spiritual approach to most things, sex with a Sagittarian isn’t necessarily love-based. To a Sag, sex can be casual—a great way to release pressure and have a good time.

Sagittarius want their partner to enjoy themselves just as much as they are, so if you’re fun-loving and optimistic by default, that’s a plus. But before you start falling hard for your Sag love, make sure you know where you stand—even if their every kiss is the definition of passion and tenderness. While some Sagittarians are ready to settle down, those that aren’t really aren’t. Some just want a casual hookup before their next adventure. Of course, if you’re also in the “hell-yes hookup” zone, then everything should be hunky dory. Finally, if you’ve landed a Sag that wants to commit—and you want to commit back—be sure to carve out plenty of space to hang out with friends and experience life autonomously too. Your relationship will thrive because of it.

Endlessly energized…and sometimes exhausting

Sex with a Sagittarius is physical, sometimes more so than it’s emotional or even practical! Penelope Tamblyn for MensXP says it well: “Sex with a Sagittarian is like the surprise bend in the roller coaster ride you’re taking. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re in love, or just in lust. The Sagittarius will always leave you feeling like you just climbed Mt Everest on the sexual map of the world.” In the face of physically demanding experiences, Sagittarians have calm endurance on their side—enjoyment being the main event, of course. They're confident and driven, which will become quite evident as your Sag does everything in their power to make you climax. Hell, they’ll probably even want to have a profound philosophical conversation afterwards too.

Maybe you can match your Sag’s energy—if so, you’re well-suited. Otherwise, take heed: while this ain’t the Olympics and you don’t need to launch into a full stretching routine, it’s not a terrible idea to warm up a bit before sex with your Sag lover. Maybe a jumping jack or ten? After all, you’re likely to break a sweat before you reach that summit. Don’t feel bad if you can’t keep up—just be sure to engage as meaningfully as you can (you know, for the sake of memories and such) before succumbing to exhaustion.

Open, adventurous…but easily bored

Sagittariuses need to base their romantic relationships on common values—not just physical attraction. For instance, if you’re gonna get with a Sag and keep ‘em around in the longterm, it’s important that you value mutual freedom and independence as much as they do. Sags see love as an epic adventure that plays out on multiple levels: intellectual, physical, sexual, emotional. Along with freedom, Sags are eternal students who love learning new things—in bed as in life. They can get bored if the sex isn’t surprising or adventuresome in some way.

Your Sagittarius will revere you if you give them sexual pointers, or general advice they can use. In return, they’ll probably offer you some advice and tips too. Be open and receptive to this. With a Sag SO, it’s highly likely that you’ll find yourself getting it on somewhere you never thought you would—maybe it’s car sex, stairwell sex, or sex under the stars. They’ll be more than happy to try anything you can come up with too. In other words, never hesitate to share your bucket list with a Sag lover. And when it comes to connecting more deeply with your freedom-loving Sag, consider planning spontaneous trips or treks: fancy doesn’t do much for them, so feel free to keep it simple—like hiking up to a gorgeous picnic spot and sharing a bottle of red.

Restless…but morally bound

Ok, so Sagittarius might be the sign most likely to love you and quit you, but they will almost never do this in a shady or disrespectful way. Sagittariuses have a very strong moral compass, which means that, contrary to appearances, they take a very ethical stance when it comes to love and sex. Although naturally flirty, most Sagittarians will think twice (or thrice) before actually doing the deed with anyone other than their partner—the thrill of the chase tends to have a much stronger pull than actually catching prey. 

If you’re the jealous and/or insecure type, you may want to take a deep breath and ask yourself what you truly want from your relationship. If your desires align with your partner’s, then all is well. But if you feel threatened, disrespected or destabilized by any of your Sag’s behavior, you gotta let them know. Competitive flirtiness will never work, as Sags aren’t thrown that easily. The good news is, they’ll never back down from an authentic discussion, so air those concerns, come what may.

Honest…sometimes brutally so

In matters of sex ’n love, Sagittarians are typically 100% honest about where they’re coming from and where they're apt to be heading. It’s that whole morality thing. Unsurprisingly, they tend to choose partners who are direct, honest, and firmly ethical. As established, it’s very rare that they actually stray or betray, but if they do, they’ll tell you. In fact, Sagittarius’s famous reputation for straight talk means they can be rather brutally honest at times, and will always express their needs and wants—sexual or otherwise. Really, they’re too honest not to.

If your Sag tells you they love spending time with you but aren’t in the commitment zone, believe them. If they tell you they just want casual sex, believe them. If they tell you they want to settle down, marry you, and have kids, believe them. If they tell you they want monogamy—or polyamory—believe them either way. Only one thing’s for sure with a Sagittarius, and it’s a big one: they won’t lie to you. And they’d appreciate the same from you, so never hesitate to express your needs, wants, and intentions.

Bottom line: it takes a lot to be able to keep up with this fire sign, but if you’re up for the challenge, then sex with a Sagittarius could be the most fun you've ever had. And where there’s a meaningful connection, you’re sure to uncover deeper links of body and mind with your Sag partner.

As far as compatibility goes, no one does Sagittarius better than Aries, Gemini and Leo, with honorary mentions going to Libra and Aquarius, but no matter what your sign, lusty love conquers all, so if it's worth it, you’ll be the first to know! <3

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