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What Your Favorite Drink Say About Your Favorite Sex Toy

By Jayne Renault

Your go-to beverage says a lot about you... and so does your vibe. After some exhaustive research consulting everyone from mixologists and sex toy slingers, we’ve learned what your fave drink says about your sex toys, and vice versa.

This little pairing menu is by no means exhaustive but if we’re lucky, maybe you’ll find something that hits your palette just right. Because at the end of the day, you deserve to unwind with something that suits your moods and tastes. Cheers!

Gin and Tonic / Aurora 

We get it. You don’t want to have to think too hard about this. You’re here to unwind and have a good time, not add another task to your day. With this one, the choice is already made before you walk in the room because you know it’s dependable -- the ultimate go-to that will never let you down.

Beer / Nirvana 

Laidback and versatile. Maybe you’ll sip it slowly over a long indulgent session, or maybe you’ll want to chug it fast and feel the effects as quickly as possible. Great for a quiet, intimate time in a moody, dimly lit space as well as getting all-out rowdy in the middle of a party. It can be a little heavy at times, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need to unwind at the end of a long day.

Wine / Demi Wand 

Similar to beer, but let’s be honest — a bit classier. Still adaptable to your needs in that you can keep it casual or go all out. But its packaging makes you feel a little fancier, a bit more put together. Whether you’re looking to celebrate or drown your sorrows, it’s got you covered. Comes in a couple of different colors to suit different tastes. Plus, it makes an excellent gift.

Pornstar Shooters / The first thing you find on a massive search engine site 

You may have a crazy good time, but it’s probably not something you should be putting in your body… You don’t even *really* know what’s in it, do you? But we don’t judge you for that because you had to start somewhere. It may have gotten the job done, but we recommend ordering something else now that you know you can have (and deserve) so much better.

Old Fashioned / Dea 

You are one sophisticated bb. You’re willing to spend a little more on your experience. Not just money, but time too. You’re a quality over quantity kind of person. You’re not above pounding it back in one big gulp, but you’re way more about taking your time, appreciating subtleties, and really savoring the moment.

Coffee / Finger Pro 

You want something reliable and appreciate portability. Be it a morning buzz to get you in the zone to tackle your to-do list, or something to get you through a long night, it’s always there for you when you need a little pick-me-up. In some cases, it’s practically an extension of your personality at this point.

Negroni / Pebble 

Legendary. Icon. The Negroni is the perfect blend of timeless and trendy. What one bartender did for the Florentine cocktail scene is what the Pebble has done for clit stimulation — took something that was already good and made it even better (not to mention a little stronger). No wonder it’s so popular.

Midori Sour / Diskreet Vibe 

It’s not reinventing the wheel but it sure looks and feels like something extra special. Those who love it do so to a sometimes devotional level. Its unique flavor is not for everyone (and that’s part of why you like it too). Because you know what you like and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Anyone who dares judge you for it is merely jealous of how cool and unapologetic you are.

Margarita (with the option of extra Tequila shots on the side) / AirVibe 

You want something effective but you’re not about to sacrifice flavour or flair. And you definitely want it to pack a punch at the same. There is something devilishly delicious in being able to pick and choose or to have it all at once. Either way, you are absolutely in to win it, and you’re not afraid to get a little messy because that’s part of the fun. 

Cosmopolitan / Diosa Soft Touch

A tasteful and tasty classic! How very Sex and the City of you. You are a hard worker when the time calls for it, but your greatest skill lies in knowing when to take a break. Not because you earned it, but because you deserve it. Your idea of a balance comes from honouring your basic needs (most notably: self-care) and looking fabulous doing it.

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