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Ultimate guide to sex positions: the Eagle

By Maya Khamala

Let’s talk about sex positions.

Whether you’re starting out with a new partner or looking to spice things up with an old flame, this series of guides is for you. 

Next up, we have the freedom-lovin’ Eagle position.


If you’ve ever heard of the Eagle sex position, chances are it was on the reality series Love Island, when Curtis Pritchard announced it was his fave position back in 2019. Fun fact: his admission actually caused a sex site to crash as people frantically tried to find out what this elusive Eagle position entailed.

The Eagle is essentially the good old missionary position (totally underrated) but with a small difference: the receiving partner has their legs wide in the air—skyward, one might say—rather than flat on the bed. The position gets its name because the spread apart legs look a bit (or a lot!) like an eagle’s wings.

If you want to try something new without a learning curve, the Eagle may be just right for you.

A note on terms:

When discussing penetration, we use the terms “thrusting partner” for the person with the penis (biological or synthetic), and “receiving partner” for the person accepting the act of penetration (vaginal or anal).

It is important to note that being a receiver is not a passive, subservient role. It is an active, enthusiastic role. There is power in choice, and by choosing to invite their partner inside them, the receiver is exercising that power.

Furthermore, the thrusting partner is not just a giver. Of course, they also receive pleasure during the act. But for the sake of clarity and consistency, we have selected these terms for the two sides of the dynamic.

How to do it:

There are a few variations of the Eagle position (AKA Spread Eagle), which we’ll get to. But essentially, the thrusting partner gets on their knees, while the receiving partner lays on their back with their legs shamelessly extended to the heavens. In other words, from missionary position, raise your legs and extend them straight out, forming a “V.”

The thrusting partner then holds the receiving partner’s legs wide apart to achieve that perfect, penetrative angle for them both.

To up the ante, add some stability to the pose, and get a little stretch on, the receiving partner might try grabbing their ankles—particularly if they have yogic tendencies. Oooh ya.

Reasons we love it:

- It’s better for g-spot stimulation. Due to the angle of penetration, the thrusting partner stimulates the front of the vaginal wall more easily, and that’s where the g-spot is located.

- It allows for deeper penetration overall, which is fantastic if you feel you’re always struggling for a bit more depth.

- It has all the comfort and closeness of missionary, but the skyward legs add a real touch of shamelessness and scandal that is ripe for rousing fiery fantasies.

Variations to try out:

Exposed Eagle

The thrusting partner sits on a flat surface and spreads their legs. Then the receiving partner climbs on top and they sit together in a position known as Lotus. The receiving partner then arches backwards and lies on top of their partner’s legs. For stability, they can slide their legs down to either side of their partner’s hips.

Avoid bending backwards too quickly—as well, people with back pain may prefer to add a pillow underneath for comfort.

Soaring Eagle

The receiving partner lies on their back and bends their legs as far back as they can go, ending up in what looks a lot like a yoga pose (imagine stretching your toes to your ears). The thrusting partner then leans across so it looks like they are doing pushups above their partner’s body. 

This position can be used for vaginal or anal sex and is always best begun slowly. It’s also worth noting that it requires some flexibility on the part of the receiving partner.

Broken Eagle

This one happens to be Love Islander Paige Thorne’s fave position. The receiving partner lies on their belly with one leg bent and the other straight. The thrusting partner then enters from behind.

This casual position is great for those who are comfortable laying on their stomach, and in the mood for some loving sans eye contact.

Other tips and tricks:

- Don’t hesitate to use a pillow for added comfort—be it for the Exposed variation, or any other version of this pose.

- Eagle entails deep penetration. Particularly if this is new to you, always start out slow. Communicate with your partner about what works: slower, less deep, deeper, faster—as needed.

- The Eagle can be a great position for including sex toys. It may be worth trying out a good g-spot vibe before (or after) exploring penetrative sex. Or, you might try a vibrating cock ring to keep the thrusting partner harder for longer and provide both clitoral and g-spot stimulation to the receiving partner.

- Never hesitate to use lots of lube as needed—sex is so much better when it’s slip-slidey and friction-free!

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