7 sex positive influencers you need to be following

By Gabrielle Noel

Whether you just need your daily dose of sexy on the timeline, or you’re ready to learn more about sex positivity, here are the influencers who make it easy.

The magic of social media is that there is truly every kind of influencer imaginable. There are accounts that satisfy my love of food, my desire to travel while simultaneously lacking the funds and free time, and most importantly, my love of sex positivity.

Of course, sex positivity manifests differently in everyone so no two accounts look the same. A sex positive influencer can be anyone who’s using their platform for sex education or just embracing their personal sexuality in a healthy way. The common thread is that merely by existing, these accounts promote sexual diversity. Here are 7 sex positive influencers you absolutely have to follow:

1. Raquel Savage

Raquel is a board certified sex therapist and co-host of the Savage Life podcast. She uses Instagram to post “Thought Provoking Thirst Traps” so her very bomb selfies are accompanied by captions that discuss feminism and sexuality (amongst other topics). Just by following her, you’ll definitely learn something!

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2. Zara Barrie

Zara is the executive producer at GO magazine and the host of the queer-centric talk show “STZ: Sex Talk with Zara”. She writes about sex, love, identity, and everything in between. Follow her for self love reminders, inspirational quotes, and updates on all the ways she embodies sex positivity.

3. Hannah Witton

Hannah is a vlogger who talks about sex education, love, and relationships. Cosmo named her the best sex and relationships influencer of 2016 and her work has been recognized by MTV, Durex, and Bodyform. Check out her vlogs which cover topics like consent, sex toys for men, and the benefits of porn.

4. Shan Boody

Shannon is a sexologist, author, and youtuber who set the internet on fire with her unconventional attitude towards sex and healthy relationships. She encourages others to step into sex positivity every day! Check out her two new web serieses: Your Perfect Date (on Fullscreen) and Make Up or Break Up (on Facebook).

5. Sophia Wallace

Sophia is the conceptual artist whose work explores gender and sexuality. She is responsible for Cliteracy, a mixed media art project that highlights the paradoxical nature of hypersexualized female bodies in a world that stigmatizes female sexuality.

6. Karley Sciortino

Karley is the author of Vogue’s Breathless column and the host/co-producer of the Vice slutever show. She also founded her own sex positive publication, also called Slutever, where she educates and offers advice on love, sex, and relationships!

7. Arielle Scarcella

Arielle is a lesbian who creates LGBT+ friendly content related to love, sex, gender, and more. It’s so important to center content that isn’t just for straight people, who are usually centered in all other sex-positive content everywhere. Her video comparing scissoring and tribbing has more than 1.1 million views -- and is how I learned the difference!

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