Can all women have multiple orgasms? Here's a guide to help

By Suzannah Weiss

You always hear phrases like “women are so lucky to have multiple orgasms” and “every woman is multiorgasmic!” But the truth is that for many of us, multiple orgasms do not come easy (no pun intended). Just because you’re not born with the ability doesn’t mean you can’t develop it with practice, though. 

Don’t put too much pressure directly on your clitoris (or yourself)

A study by the Indiana University School of Public Health and the site OMGYES found that 47 percent of women have had multiple orgasms. Because of the hypersensitivity many women experience after orgasm, just experiencing pleasure after one can be difficult. So, start by focusing on that, instead of putting pressure on yourself to have a second orgasm, which we all know can be an orgasm-killer. 

Sex educator Lola Jean recommends trying a less intense form of stimulation if touching your clitoris directly is uncomfortable post-orgasm. Rub your clitoral hood, or press your outer labia over your clitoris and use them to stimulate it. You can even put pressure over your whole vulva to stimulate your inner clitoris. Flick the Fourchette, or the inner labia skin at the bottom of your vaginal opening, or stroke the shaft of your clitoris as if it’s a mini penis. The back of your hand, your palm, or a soft material like a feather might even feel good if touching with your hand is uncomfortable. The options are endless — the point is to touch a different area from what got you to the first orgasm if it’s hypersensitized. 

If no form of touch feels good, try non-tactile forms of stimulation, like gyrating your hips or squeezing your pelvic muscles. This may not lead to orgasm, but that’s OK — the point is pleasure. 

Or…put a lot of pressure on it 

On the other hand, some people actually enjoy the discomfort of touching the clitoris after orgasm. Pushing through hypersensitivity to have an orgasm is sometimes called “forced orgasm,” says Jean. “The line between pain and pleasure is slim with forced orgasms.”

Try edging

Another technique to increase your shots at multiple Os is edging, which is when you get close to orgasm, hold off as long as you can, stop, resume, pause again, and repeat for as long as you can. This can also make orgasms more intense. 

Don’t forget to use lube 

Using your hand or a partner’s is probably the best bet to maintain control over the kind of touch you’re receiving, says Jean. If you bring in a vibrator, do it after the first orgasm, or it can over-sensitize you. And any time you’re seeking a long-lasting session, use lube so your vaginal fluids don’t run out.

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