7 fetish items women are selling online (it goes beyond underwear...)

By Emma McGowan

While fetishes have been around for a long, long time, the internet has taken access to objects up to a whole new level. From feet to dirty underwear to human waste, people are now able to buy the things that turn them on as easily as ordering a handmade scarf on Etsy. And on the flip side, there’s a whole army of women (and it’s usually women) who are making money selling things that most of us throw away without thinking twice.

Before we get into specifics, though, let’s talk about fetish. Fetishes are a desire for an arousal from inanimate objects that usually aren’t (but sometimes are) directly related to sex. A lot of fetishists are particularly turned on by things that are considered “taboo” or “dirty” and it’s precisely the fact that they’re being “bad” that turns them on. However, while it’s easy to feel disgusted by a fetish that you’re not into yourself, I challenge you to let go of that disgust. If it works for someone else, and nobody's getting hurt, then who cares? Live and let live.

So what kinds of things are being exchanged in this new marketplace? Check out these seven items women are selling online, sometimes for tons of money.

1. Underwear

Dirty underwear is a classic fetish object and perhaps one that will make the most sense to a non-kinkster. The smell of someone’s private region is a deeply personal, intimate thing and, as a result, there are a lot of people who fetishize them. Dirty underwear goes for about $20 to $40 a pop, but porn and fetish actresses can demand even more for their wears.

Sites like reddit’s used panties thread (NSFW) let verified sellers sell their underwear, stockings, and bras to admirers. The items are usually accompanied by photos of the women wearing the items and offers to “customize.” Women who are willing to build up a social media presence (and usually show their faces) can utilize sites like Twitter and Instagram to make even more money.

2. Feces

A fetish for feces is called “scat play” and some women are making serious money selling their poo. Most famously, Ceara Lynch is a professional humiliatrix who makes her money selling a range of fetish items, doing fetish videos, and acting as a financial dominatrix. When one client requested she sell him her feces, she agreed to an initial price of £70. For the next one, she upped the price to £2,800 — and he paid. The combination of his specific fetish and her success as an online humiliatrix means she’s able to command high, high prices for something the rest of us flush down the toilet.

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3. Used sanitary items

Another fetish model who goes by Yasmin Night reportedly sells her used sanitary napkins and Q-tips to some of her clients. Like Lynch, Night is an online financial dominatrix, serving people who get off on her controlling their money. (And, for many, humiliating them in the process.) A fetish for used sanitary items is in the same vein as a fetish for dirty underwear, with an added element of “dirtiness” that turns a lot of people on.

4. Urine

While urine and piss play were once considered completely risqué, the internet has proven that this taboo is pretty common. Like many other fetishes, the interest in urine usually comes from the fact that it’s considered dirty and forbidden. Unlike some other fetishes, however, urine isn’t actually dirty — people like to point out all the time that pee is close to sterile, making the taboo more dangerous than the actual object.

While some people sell urine to people who are looking to pass drug tests, fetish models will also sell urine to fans. Sites like reddit offer forums where models offer everything from pee-soaked panties (NSFW) to videos of them peeing into a bottle that fans can purchase. 

5. Dirty socks

You probably knew that people were into feet — foot fetishes are actually the most commonly fetishized non-genital body part — but did you know that there’s a whole subset of foot fetishists who love dirty socks? Admirers can purchase dirty socks directly from sellers on sites like reddit and Twitter, with extra fees for customization and videos. The stinkier, the better.

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6. Used quilts and toys

As you can see, dirty clothing items are the most popular types of fetish items sold online. But one enterprising young entrepreneur in China tapped into a market I actually had never heard of before: used quilts. Long Yi reportedly spent his savings on old quilts that belonged to female students who were graduating. He then resold the quilts to male admirers. 

In a similar vein, a pair of blonde twins in LA sleep naked with kids toys and sell them for $333 each on Instagram. While this one is presented as an art project rather than sex work, that doesn’t change the fact that the people who are buying the toys are definitely fetishists.

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7. Virginity

And, finally, there are multiple cases of women selling their virginity online. Virginity, while not an object, is definitely fetishized — and some men are willing to pay a pretty penny for it. A German model who goes by Giselle reportedly sold her virginity to an Abu Dhabi businessman for $3 million at the end of last year. And, even more recently, a Christian woman named Bailey Gibson offered her virginity up for auction via the Bunny Ranch in Nevada.

Image source: Tony Futura

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