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Episode 15: Gender Reveal Parties, Male Feminists, and Bad Dates with Abby Govinda‪n

By The Bellesa Team

Balls Deep: April 9th, 2021

Hot off the press it’s episode 15! This week, Rachel and Arielle schmooze about sex cheerleaders, Hulu’s documentary Hysterical, and gender reveal parties gone wrong. The girls get Balls Deep into the studies that prove male feminists get more head, and that masturbating boosts your sex drive. They also dive into an Iowa court case that would prevent doctors in Iowa from requiring a man’s consent when women get hysterectomies. Oh, and don’t panic, but the Republicans are coming for OnlyFans and mobile porn.

Next up, comedian Abby Govindan — AKA the girl who convinced Twitter she wrote Emily in Paris — joins the pod to gossip about her ex-boyfriends. Cured of dating white boys, the serial monogamist chats about dating Indian men and the pressure of representing all Indian American women on stage.

Okay, so a caller wants to know how to dispose of unwanted sex toys and the girls tell a listener why Arielle’s mom thinks her career is linked to daddy issues. 

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