The gift of good vibrations: do vibrators increase sex drive?

By Maya Khamala

With more than 50% of women using a vibrator these days (this number is likely much higher), one thing is abundantly clear: our beloved buzz toy is a super popular, well-loved pleasure device. Although we use vibrators for many different reasons, typically, we’re looking for sexual satisfaction and release; a buildup of uncontainable energy followed by a climactic finish.  ORGASMS, all in caps. But did you know that beyond the tried and true pleasure factor, vibrators can actually get you in the mood when sex is the furthest thing from your mind, and that they can increase your sex drive when you’re not even in close proximity to one?

Think about it this way: everyone loves a new toy. And when you get something new, it’s only natural to be keen on trying it out—and trying it out again—and again. I mean, ya gotta perfect its use, right? This is probably why sex devices are known as “toys” to begin with: they make us want to play more.

So for anyone looking for a way to increase their libido, a vibrator may be just the ticket. And of course, anyone looking to give their partner's libido a li’l boost might also consider the goddess gift of good vibrations.

Lesson 1: vibrators can kickstart your heart-shaped box

Whether solo or with a partner, many of us whip out our vibrator once we’re already at least a bit aroused. After all, it's arousal that inspires us to reach for our vibrators, right? Well, no, not always. In reality, it can go both ways: not only can vibrators enhance your already-there arousal—turns out they can also kickstart your arousal when you’re, well, not aroused (but you wanna be).

Let's face it: life is challenging at times, and pleasure isn’t always an easy mountain to climb. Stress, trauma, health and lifestyle issues, and even the side effects of common medications can all get in the way of getting genuinely turned on. The best way to counteract these common sexual suppressants is a strong sexual exciter—like a vibrator, which, as many of us know, can act as a direct route to overriding stress and distraction in favor of arousal, and the release of happy hormones. Arousal happens when the conditions are right for our mind and body to work together, so a kickstart to one of your main pleasure centers might be just what the good doctor ordered. 

Lesson 2: vibrators can make you horny more often

Not only can vibrators get your juices flowing on the spot—they can also raise your libido quite a lot in the day-to-day. Much as regularly available great sex makes you want it as much as you can get it, a fantastic vibrator makes you crave that sweet release more too. I mean, let's be real, these are efficient little love machines, which, in some cases bring women to orgasm within minutes—or even seconds. They do this by quickly increasing blood flow to your pelvic area and stimulating your most sensitive spots just so. This can in turn help increase sexual arousal, engorgement, and lubrication—not just in the moment, but also between uses, longer term.

Two Indiana University studies have shown vibrator use as linked with a greater likelihood of orgasm, increased sexual desire, an easier time getting aroused, more self-lubrication (meaning less discomfort during sex), and equal or better sexual satisfaction compared with those who don’t use vibrators. 

Takeaway: women who use vibrators often experience increased sexual satisfaction, and ultimately desire sex more often. These two are inextricably connected, of course—don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Lesson 3: a vibrator will not steal attention from your partner

“I would feel guilty if I used a vibrator for self-stimulation, because I have so little desire that what I do have should be shared with my partner.” If this sounds like you, let me set the record straight once and for all.

For anyone with a partner who is somehow worried that you might grow to desire your vibrator more than you desire them, there is zero danger of that (unless your relationship is failing for other reasons, of course). On the contrary, women who use vibrators on a regular basis tend to crave sexual intimacy with their partner more often. It wakes you up, so to speak. All of you.

Lesson 4: good vibes = good health

Fact: increased blood flow to the pelvic region is key to a healthy pussy. Improper blood flow can lead to a thickening of the vagina and clitoris, which can in turn cause vaginal dryness, a loss of elasticity, and even infection, which can in turn mean a low sex drive, decreased pleasure during sex, and even painful sex. You're not gonna want sex if it’s not a pleasurable experience, am I right?

Since vibrators are oh-so-helpful with increasing blood flow thanks to their rapidly whirring little motors, they can actually play a role in keeping your vagina healthy and happy. True story: doctors are increasingly recommending vibrators because they understand that genital vibration is a potential treatment for all kinds of sexual health issues among women and men alike.

Bottom line: beyond expensive pharmaceuticals, special diets, and talk therapy, increasing your sex drive could be as simple as getting yourself some shiny new toys. I say, why not give it a try? You can thank me later. <3

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