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Astrological Update: Leo Season 2021

By Jayne Renault

Lights, camera, action! It’s officially Leo season and you’re the star of the show, bb.

On July 22, the sun moved into Leo, where it will stay loud and proud until August 23. After a month of getting cozy inside ourselves during Cancer season, Leo wants us to bust out our shells and let out a cathartic roar. Because where Cancer is about care, Leo is all about flair.

The sun is in its dignity in Leo, which means that this is its favorite place to hang out. No matter your own sun sign, consider this proud Leo sun your own personal spotlight. As the king (or queen) of confidence and creative expression, Leo is all ego and drama. And they want nothing more than for us to embody our most bold, daring, expressive state of being right now. All of life is a stage and it’s time to show off our most majestic selves, making this the perfect time to breathe new life into any creative or passion projects on our radar.

Let Your Heart Shine

While there was a lot of heart tending and nurturing that comes with Cancer, Leo is the true ruler of the heart. Looking at the heart as the center of our physical lifeforce as well as our emotional capacity, it’s no wonder Leo is the one to take care of it for us. This fixed fire sign invites us to crack our hard protective layers and let our hearts air out on our sleeves while the sun is shining its brightest.

With all that fiery, passionate energy, it’s no wonder that Leo is also one of the most sexually adventurous of the signs. Not only that, their loyalty is a force to reckon with. They love to play to bad bitch but, especially if they’ve devoted themself to you, they are also some of the sweetest beings you’ll meet. Leo loves to dote on their the people they care for with attention and affection as well.

That’s why the Halo is the sex toy we feel captures Leo energy best: “all eyes on me” for the wearer while giving back to their lover in every way. It’s a perfect match made.

Aquarius Moon-Leo Sun Sandwich

This Leo season is sandwiched between two Aquarius full moons, one on July 23 and the other on Aug 22 right before we slide into virtuous Virgo. This Aquarius moon energy is a bit of a sobering turn from the bold Leo. A breath of reality-check air could have you more in your head than your heart, but the combination could have you thinking more rationally about what inspires you right now. Meanwhile, Leo will give you the fuel to feel into those thoughts and how you can bring about change as the month goes on.

Here are some things you can do to rub your inner Lion right and raise the heat on this Leo season:

Invite your inner child out to play

Dance all day or night. Put your best dress on. Don a full face of makeup and take seflies just because you. are. flawless. Do karaoke. Spend the day at the beach and splash around. 

Leo wants you to have fun and play around just for the sake of it. 

Stop putting that thing off

You know that thing. The one you’ve been avoiding because you’re too afraid or embarrassed to go through with (because deep down you’re afraid that you won’t be good enough). Let all of that go. Take the class. Start the project. Do the thing. Once you’ve started, it’ll be all the easier to keep going.

Explore your fantasy role (play)

Between Leo’s passionate zeal and penchant for performing, there’s no better time to drop the shame around the fantasy you’ve been keeping to yourself all this time. Harness this lionine confidence; tell your partner about it and put it into action!

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