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Astrological Update: Virgo Season 2021

By Jayne Renault

Look at you Vir-go!

On August 22, the sun moves into Virgo, where it will stay for the last vestiges of summer in the northern hemisphere, until Libra takes over on September 22. 

After a few weeks of revelling in the party-all-the-time bravado of Leo season, we’re switching gears to smarten up and get back to work. Even if you’re not a student, Virgo brings us big back-to-school energy. It’s time to regroup and reorganize in a very matter-of-fact of way.

Virgo is an oft-misunderstood sign in pop astrology. The Virgin’s practical, hard-working nature is too often mistaken for being all work and no play. But there is so much more to this mutable earth sign than good work ethic. 

Yes, they are intelligent, adaptable, pragmatic, and so dedicated to anything they set their mind to. But most of all, Virgo is a devoted dreamer. Better than anyone, they can imagine a perfect world where everyone and everything exists in perfect harmony and make the plan to get us there. (As I mentioned a little while back when rounding up the signs in Bellesa’s sex toys, Virgo is truly the queen of competence. Which is why the Finger Pro, both creative and efficient by design, is the most Virgoan toy in our line-up.)

Their practical approach to solving life’s puzzles may sometimes seem militant, but it’s because they have the art of their magic down to a science. There is a true art to how Virgo navigates their quest for perfection. And if they ever seem frustrated or critical, it’s just because the external world hasn’t caught up to their lofty, well-planned visions yet. 

With Mercury (the planet of swift thought, communication, curiosity, and other such functions of the mind) ruling this sign and giving a cosmic boost to its drive, Virgo doesn’t have time for procrastination. Because why put off what can be done right now?

It’s this no-nonsense attitude that we channel during this season. Essentially, this is the time of year where we set life back on its tracks; to get all our little ducks in neat little rows and get. shit. done. Summer is not over yet, but practical Virgo knows that winter is coming and it’s best to begin planning and preparation now rather than worry about doing it under duress later.

Once in a Blue Moon...

This year, we’re closing off Leo times with a full moon in Aquarius. In fact, it’s the second full moon of the season, making it an elusive blue moon (i.e. the second moon in a single monthly cycle).

Astrologicaly, the full moon represents the climax of the lunar cycle, where we come to emotional peak and rejuvenation. Emotions can run high and the things we set into motion can get the boost they need to come to fruition or culminate. It’s a time to let go of what doesn’t serve us and breathe in the fresh and new.

Aquarius is the revolutionary, the rebel, the beloved and quirky weirdo who does what they want because they want to, not because someone told them they should be a certain way. This energy likes to focus on community and camaraderie, but also reminds us never to lose track of our individuality. If you have to break the rules to maintain your agency, Aquarius encorages you to do exactly that. 

With this Aquarian energy driving this full moon on August 22, it gives us the opportunity to get forward-thinking and innovative with our schemes and dreams. And as the sun slides into Virgo alongside this Aquarius moon, it will give us the fuel we need to take those ideas and make the necessary plans to achieve them.

Here are a few things you can do make Virgo’s verve serve you this season:

A planning extravaganza

If Virgo energy was an object, it would be a brand new notebook. Virgo is a master planner and executioner not only because they’re good at it, but they like it. Like oral sex, the key to doing it well is to enjoy doing it.

This is prime to outline your plans big and small for the future. Make those lists, doodle up your vision board -- whatever method works best for you to keep you organized and your eye on the prize. It’s also great for a little pre-fall cleaning. While taking time to evaluate your life with care, ask yourself: What is working for me? What can I let go of to make more space for the things that do serve me?

Remember to practice self-care

The symbol of the virgin is not a prude but that of a wise and industrious servant. Virgo has an innate knack for helping others and finds joy in raising their community to a higher level. On the flip side, watch out for overworking. 

Make sure your big to-do list includes ample breaks. It’s easy to get caught up in the rhythm of accomplishing things to the point of overworking. We don’t want you burning out before Libra days. Remembering to take rest is crucial to Virgoan success.

Do that thing for your health that you’ve been putting off

Especially after the decadence of Leo season, there is an emphasis on health and wellbeing right now. Book that doctor appointment. Go for you routine STI check. Visit the dentist for a cleaning. Sign up for that little fitness challenge. Whatever it is, your body and mind will thank you for it and you’ll be better equipped to tackle whatever this season has in store for you.

Turn cleaning into an indulgent act of love

Whether alone or with a partner -- especially if your partner is a Virgo -- make your time in the tub or shower deliberately decadent. Virgo energy is big on cleanliness and keeping a sane space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little romantic with it. Spring for the nice smelling soaps, get extra sudsy, and breathe in the steam. Turning that upkeep into a moment of care can do wonders to help soothe ant anxieties of the moment. 

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