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Booty juice 101: is this stuff normal?

By Maya Khamala

Some of us wonder about the meaning of life and the grand purpose of the universe; some of us spend our days waxing and waning philosophic; and some among us write cosmos-inspired poetry. But others, others have more earthly concerns—such as whether ‘booty juice’ (for lack of a better word, truly) during anal sex is a normal phenomenon or not. Ok, I acknowledge that those among us who’ve wondered about their booty juice can also share in the deeper philosophic meanderings I mention as well, but I thought the contrast was great for illustrating the broad range of concerns we humans have.

Back to the point at hand: booty juice! Whether you’re new to anal sex or not, you probably heard tell the cardinal rule of butt sex early on: assholes do not (I repeat, do not) self-lubricate like vaginas do, therefore you should (and indeed, you must) use ample lube.

Now while the above rule should indeed be heeded and taken seriously, the question remains: what about your booty juice? If asses don’t self-lubricate, why is your ass producing fluid during sex? One Reddit user dares to ask “What does it mean if your butt leaks milky watery stuff that looks, smells, and tastes like vaginal arousal fluid/cum?” And yet, there are few, if any good answers to be found. Another Reddit user writes, “Recently I noticed that I don’t need to add lube. If I finger my ass (with no lube at all, not even spit—raw finger) it lubes itself and then I can shove anything in there. Is it okay?”

Let’s break this down, shall we?

What is booty juice?

Good ol’ Urban Dictionary defines “Booty Juice” in oh-so-many delicious ways, the most salient of which include, “The stuff that leaks out the anus after anal penetration and semen explosion,” and “A mixture of crap and sweat. This brown liquid residue oozes out of your butt after a long night of anal intercourse.”

Still though, neither of these illuminating definitions really addresses the fact that some people’s butts actually seem to self-lubricate during anal, seemingly as the result of arousal (rather than after the fact, which is more easily explained).

Thanks to the research of a gay men’s health writer by the name of Bobby Box, there is a scientific explanation lying in wait here. According to Nicole Prause, a scientist at the sexual biotechnology company Liberos, a lubricative film is indeed produced along the anal wall in order to help move poop through the rectum. Dr. Evan Goldstein, D.O. and CEO of Bespoke Surgical also weighs in, explaining, “Anorectal cells innately produce some mucus that can be thought of as having an element of lubrication. “Scientifically speaking,” explains Box, “anal lubricant comes from anal ducts when the rectum is distended by the presence of feces. The rectum is also distended by the presence of a penis during anal intercourse, which may cause increased production of this natural lubricant…That is, your body feels sensations that communicates we might need to poop and gets prepared to do that.”

[email protected] has this to add: “Here it gets a bit gross…if you’ve irritated your rectum enough, inflamed areas can produce extra puss that will make your butt stuff feel wet…”

So there you have it—do you feel better with science affirming the validity of your experience? Still, you may be asking yourself why this happens to you while others insist their assholes are dry as the Sahara even as they approach anal euphoria? Well friends, we’re all unique, right? We all have a unique set of intricately intersecting bodily realities and it can be very difficult to determine why one person’s body reacts differently to a given thing (anal anal anal) than another. It may have something to do with your partner and how they approach anal as well. Bottom line: some may produce no booty juice at all, others a little bit, and others may produce a lot of ass juice. Facts.

Why booty juice should never replace lube

Slippery and slimy though booty juice may be, it’s not really made for continuous friction all on its own, and does not replace the lube needed for any kind of ass play. The skin inside your anus is the thinnest skin on your body that is accessible from the exterior, so it is easily damaged and can tear without ample (and I do mean AMPLE) lubrication. Silicone-based lubes are usually considered the best go-to for butt stuff, as they’re less likely to dry you out than water-based ones.

Bonus tip: in addition to good lube, relaxation and bonafide arousal are key ingredients of good (nay, great) anal sex. Never skip a proper foreplay session when having anal sex. If your partner doesn’t understand the importance of foreplay and thinks he can just jam it in, educate his ass or drop him, I say. But whatever you do, never have ass sex that’s not well-oiled. Even if you’re tired and it’s the middle of the night and your partner’s grinding into you like his life depended on it and you’ve manifested some ‘o that nasty-fantasty booty juice we’ve all heard so much about—run and fetch that lube anyway. Keep it nearby and reapply as needed.

Great anal for all. <3

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